Saturday, 10 November 2012

Martin-Mass and the Green Fields of France.

Tomorrow the eleventh of November is Armistice Day.  It's the day we are supposed to remember all those who have fallen and who gave their lives for our freedom.  It's great to watch British television and see news and sports people wearing the poppy.

Living in Ireland, I have been unable to purchase a poppy this week, there doesn't seem to be anywhere that sells them, sadly.  Lots of Irish and British people lost their lives in northern France during the 1914 to 1918 first world war.  Every village in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales lost somebody during this war, that was supposed to be over by Christmas.    Incredibly I have read that there were more people killed in one day during the first world war, than in ALL of the second world war.

Two great British writes: CS Lewis and J R Tolkien both went to the Somme and survived.  They also both wrote in their books about the triumph of good over evil.  I find it incredible that they both had a strong Christian belief, even after what they had witnessed in those poppy fields of northern France.

Keeping with a 'Smallholding/Allotment' theme.  Tomorrow is also Martin-Mass   It's the the day in England and Europe when livestock was killed and salted for the long hard winter because the poor farmers had not got enough hay and feeding.  It also commemorates St Martin of Tours.  A saint who cut his cloak in half and gave it to a poor man.  Geese was traditionally ate on this feast day.

I like to give my blog posts a musical theme now and again.  Thanks to You Tube.  Here's the 'Green Fields of France' by the great Irish band: The Fureys'.  I once walked passed them entering a bar in Glengarriff and they all said :

"Good evening."

Absolute gentlemen and great musicians.

Lest we forget.


  1. I he you find a poppy. Such a lovely photo in your blog

  2. Hi Ronnie. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. What a stunning poppy pic - did you take it yourself? Wonderful. Hope you are having a good week.

  4. Hi Carole,

    No I never took it. We don't get stunning poppy fields here in Ireland. Is it Summertime over there?


  5. Great post, Dave. Do you still read a lot of Wilfred Owen and the other 'Great War' poets?

  6. Thanks Pat. Yes I still read about them all. Once found Owen's house: Plas Wilmot in Oswestry. There's a short film which features the house on You Tube: William Owen Remembered.


  7. Even Wilfred. Sorry about the mistake.


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