Thursday, 15 November 2012


Carrying on with me 'unpublished book' extracts.  All absolutely free for your and my enjoyment.  I got 165 views yesterday (probably twenty of mine), Ta and thanks very much.
Northsider Dave (last year) holding up his Leeks!

Another creature I met on my allotment saunters is the  “novice” allotment holder.  Let’s call him Mick 'the new' lad.  Mick informed me that was sick of playing darts and he wanted :
“Summat to do” 
At the weekends.  I suggested an allotment to show his family what a hunter, gatherer he was not!  I managed to secure him the tenancy of a half-plot.  Mick was duly delighted until he realised that the four high plot of grass and Rose-bay willow herb was his new potage.   Mick was a bit taken back and had expected his new plot to be ready dug over for him.  Yeah right!  Pull the other one there is bells on it!

Mick soon got over his disappointment and duly rushed to Wilkinson’s store in the high street.  He purchased a new spade (toy) and an array of vegetable and flower seeds bought in OCTOBER. 
A month or so later I went to see how Mick  had been getting on with his new vegetable endeavours.  He had managed to clear a six foot square of soil.  It was just after Christmas and I asked him how he was enjoying his new hobby. 
“I don’t know  Dave?"
 He says.  
“I can’t understand why none of my vegetable seeds aren't coming through."   
The silly billy expected his SUMMER VEGETABLES to germinate (name dropper) in WINTER!!
That's a true story folks!

See you later in the week.


  1. Don't know what happened to the fonts when I paste and copied the above into the blog. Some of them are different. Sorry about that folks!

  2. Well he tried, maybe a bit of friendly advice next time might be needed

  3. God loves a trier doesn't he?



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