Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn Thoughts On The Smallholding.

One thing about living in the countryside, next to the sea.  You notice the ever changing seasons.  In the last few years we have experienced every season in a DAY!  There's a saying that goes something like:

"How do you know when it's summer time in Ireland?"

"The rain is warm!"

That's a photograph of my Hydrangea and it's sadly fading flowers and leaves.  Taken this merry morn.  Notice the mountain peak in the distance?

This was supposed to be a blog about writing.  In a way it is.  Most of my life I have attempted to write poems, short stories, plays and even books.  I have had a limited success in terms of having a book published, short stories in regional anthologies and a comedy broadcast on BBC local radio and bits and bats in newspapers...  Anyway enough about me, YAWN!  Like most writers, I have several manuscripts sitting in folders and on the hard drive and I am always sending off book proposals and for ever waiting for the email notifier to light up in the corner of the computer, saying:

"We love your manuscript and want to give you an advance of ten thousand pounds and would like to invite you to an all expenses paid holiday in San Tropez!"

We can dream can't we?

Any road.  Thanks to 'Blogger' I can write and write and publish for free on the Internet.  If there are any writers out there who want to talk about writing please leave a comment.  In the mean time here's a poem I did compose many moons ago about Autumn.  Must start writing poems again.  I know there's no money in poetry but who cares?


Green, brown, grey and yellow
Nature is on the retreat,
Soil, turf and rock
The upholstery for my seat,

So another season, another part of life,
A time for reflection, or a time for strife,

The fish becomes less active and fathoms out the river bed,
Oak sways windward and forgets the leaves its shed,

Squirrel gathers acorn and grass no longer grows,
Swallow migrates and pets bid 'aure-voir' to rose,

All is feeling sad and all is at an end,

This is Autumn preparing for it's Winter friend.


Keeping with an Autumn theme.  Here's 'Autumn Leaves' by Eva Cassidy.  Thanks to You Tube, Eva Cassidy music lives on.  Think this is her last ever live performance.  God must have some great concerts and musicians in Heaven?

See you later in the week.   And to all you writers:

" Keep on writing!"


  1. Never knew you liked Eva Cassidy, Dave

  2. Hi Pat,

    Yes I like Eva Cassidy and a lot of other singers who play acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars. It's good to the lyrics. I find 'Autumn Leaves' incredibly moving. Wish I could write stuff that moves people like that.


  3. How far back does the poem go, Dave? I know you say 'many moons ago', but what does that mean?

  4. You ask some good questions Pat. Probably fifteen or twenty years. I always liked writing essays (compositions)and poems when I was at primary school and I have been obsessed with writing most of my life. I really believe that we all can be creative and should express ourselves, don't you? Do you think that poetry and short stories written by ordinary people is relevant today Pat?

  5. About your last question, Dave, if it can get past PC censorship, definitely yes, but it's a big IF, isn't it?

  6. There are over one hundred and eighty million blogs in the world Pat. So that's one hundred and eighty million writers actively writing. Think music and writing is very similar these days. The days of people making a living from writing are fast disappearing.

    I think publishing goes through trends and what ever the 'spirit of the age' (Hawkwind song)is. Everything is subjective and if you write outside (or think)the box, you won't get published. I think you do have a good point about PC censorship.

    Working class writers have never had much outlet for their work. People like Barry Hines have never been given the accolades they deserve.

    I would love to start my own book publishing company but I know I couldn't afford to pay for adverts in the broadsheets to get the punters to buy my books. Getting your book on Amazon doesn't mean people will see it. To quote the 'Deck of Cards' song.

    "I know I was that soldier!"

    Thanks Pat. I wanted to talk about writing. Anybody else got thoughts about writing and publishing?

  7. Hello Dave, thanks for your comments on mine by the way.

    Hydrangeas, I can live without, a little too ostentatious for me. However, I do like your blog and writing style, so please keep it up, it's good. What was your comedy broadcast, can I track it down anywhere ?

    As for Eva, what a loss. Such a wonderfully talented lady.


  8. Hello Tom, thanks for leaving your comment.

    The Hydrangeas belonged to my grandmother so I will keep them for now! I know what you mean though.

    My comedy was broadcast on Radio Lancashire in 2001. There's no record of it sadly, but I have cassette tapes that we recorded (probably illegally) and I should get them made into CD's.

    Any road (proper northern speech) I have had a book published called : "Archie Sparrows Book of useful Tips to Beat the Recession ... with Baling String. (The Tight B*st*rd's Guide to Running a Smallholding. It's on Amazon books.

    Seeing that it's coming to Christmas Tom. If you drop me a line and your address at my newly created email account:

    Don't worry I won't give your email or address to anybody else.
    I will send you a brand new book for FREE!

    Eva was a Nightingale and she was a wonderfully talented lady.


  9. Dave,

    What a lovely gesture, but I’m a bit sensitive about giving my address out over this t’internet thingy, I’m sure you understand.

    This is quite painful, after all I am a Yorkshire man and turning down owt’ for nowt’ really hurts you know !

    Anyway I’ve asked Father Christmas to bring me one, so I’ll be able to have a good read over the festive period.



  10. Course I understand Tom. If you change your mind let me know and I will gladly send you a copy.


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