Monday, 5 December 2016

A Statue For The Gaelic Poets.

Part 2 of our Christmas shopping trip to Killarney.  We spotted this statue on Saturday.  It was erected in 1940 and the sculptor was Seamus Murphy.

I think it's the mark of a great country when it's poets are commemorated.

Do you think poetry is important?  I do.

I read a on a poem publishers website  the other day stating  that it doesn't buy poems.  They pay poets for the number of books they sell.  What ever happened to the advance?

Who is your favourite poet?  Do you write poems?  I do some times.  Culture on a Monday afternoon.

PS. Are you watching the Turner film on Channel Four tonight?  It's on for nearly three hours - yawn!  It stars Timothy Spall.  I can only picture him in Auf Wiedersehen Pet Playing the Midlands character Barry bragging about the time he won the the West Bromwich Second Division Table Tennis League.  Seriously.  It's supposed to be excellent.  Will try and post tomorrow!


  1. I like rolling rhyming poems, 'the boy stood on the burning deck', 'mctavity the mystery cat'. Not so appreciative of the more serious though now and again something will move me to reread a piece. Those kerry poets are from a long time ago. Any more modern we should know about...besides the esteemed Friar?

    1. Hi LA. I like a lot of poets like RS Thomas, Wilfred Owen, Seamus Heaney, Ian McMillan... Don't know any modern Kerry poets. Must check them out. Thanks!

  2. As you will know from my blog I love poetry. I am a believer that poetry is best appreciated read out loud so I often do so.

    Tim Spall is a great favourite of mine. We watched him many times in his old barge going round Britain with his wife. Great fun to watch. I wont be watching Turner because a three hour film is too much for me, especially at home and I want to get to bed to read! Gwil told me sometime ago that the Turner film is very good though.

    1. I agree poetry is best appreciated read out loud. I don't think we hear or see enough of it on television. In Iceland they put poetry on after the news. They also sell lots of books there. Perhaps we should move to Iceland. Thanks Rachel.

  3. I have long been tormented by poetry, tortured by lines calling me from their depths, in the early hours before dawn. when even my house was asleep. To rise and sit at a wooden desk with pen in front of paper and write all alliteration that comes to mind.
    Fec !
    It is enough to drive drinkers mad, such prattle poetry indeed.
    Read me

  4. I will pop over and look at your site Heron. It's always good to read about poets and writers.. Thanks! Anybody else write poems or write prose. Please tell us about it!


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