Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Passing Of A Rock Hero.

It is a sign that you are getting old when your rock heroes are passing away.  Today I read that Greg Lake From Emerson Lake And Palmer has gone.  I once saw them in Manchester in the late nineteen eighties.  I honestly think they are the greatest band to have come from England.  Rest in peace Greg and thanks for the great rock memories!

Did you ever see Emerson Lake and Palmer?  Please tell us about them.  Thanks.  Here's an appropiate song by Greg Lake.


  1. Hi Dave, I caught sight of his death on a news ticker as I walked to the train last night. Another one gone I thought. It seems like the age of late 60s is the age to which many pop stars get to and no further. I never saw Emerson Lake and Palmer but was a fan and had their LPs and loved their music.

    1. Hi Rachel, Yes another Rock icon is gone. At least their music lives on when we play their records. ELP are probably the best English band I have ever seen. Thanks!


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