Tuesday, 13 December 2016

"I Was Just Thinking What A Champion Crop Of Onions You Could Grow In That Soil."

Back to my occasional series on some of my favourite writer's, especially from up North.  Today I would like to talk about Peter Tinniswood.  I have half a dozen of his books.  He was born in Liverpool and lived over a dry cleaners in Sale in Cheshire.  He was mad on cricket and wrote many books plays and the brilliant television series: "I Didn't Know You Cared."

It's set in Sheffield and features the Carter family.  Uncle Mort is my hero.  I have featured him on this blog before.  He tends his allotment and has an old railway carriage for his shed.  One day he finds out he's got the big C and blames it on drinking the water at his allotment.  This is my favourite comedy series of all time.
Here's a clip to remind you of Uncle Mort and his gang.  I think Peter Tinniswood was a comic genius.  Thanks to the people who post these clips on You Tube.  They are brilliant!

Why doesn't BBC 4 repeat all these amazing programmes?


  1. Yes I am 53 and feeling it Gwil. Did you watch I Didn't Know You Cared? I love dark sardonic humour. Thanks!

  2. What 53 !
    Is that all you am only a kiddie put another 20 on the top, then eel know what twinges thee ;-)

  3. I suppose 53 is young if you are 73 Heron. Do you remember I Didn't Know You Cared?

  4. I well remember that and the street party I attended at the end of WW2 at the age of 2 yrs

  5. Gosh. You have seen some changes Heron. Would have loved to have seen Dig For Victory when everywhere was used to grow vegetables. I remember coming to Ireland before the EEC and every farmer grew a field of vegetables and made hay. Back in the sixties and early seventies.

  6. That particular time of "Dig for Victory" Dave had it's negative side too of aerial bombing raids etc and no one that I ever met appreciated that!

  7. I would have like to have seen the Land Girls working the lands too. It's hard to comprehend there was two world wars in the Twentieth century.


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