Thursday, 29 September 2011


I have been having another one of my midlife crisis today.  You see I live in the countryside and I don't drive.  I am too nervous to drive.  I even jump when I'm sat in the passengers seat and another car drives passed.

The public transport only operates twice a week and it goes via Tibet.  I exaggerate a little.  But it does go on a thirty mile journey instead of my usual five or so miles.

I can easily get a lift into town every day.  But I want my own autonomy - wheels.  I have even thought of starting hiking.  But that's boring on your own.  It's also very dangerous because the speed limits are crazy and there's no pavements to walk on!

So what do you think readers?

Can you start cycling when you're nearly 48?  What kind of a bike should I get?  What gears would I use?

Will I start writing about cycling?  Am I too old?

"Daisy, daisy give me you're arms..."


  1. Dave, wash your mouth out with soap! (Or your typing hands.) How can you possible think of 'nearly 48' as being TOO OLD?!

    Depending on how safe your roads are, I'd certainly consider getting a bicycle, but I'm not too sure about all these gears & stuff. That all sounds too technical for me, so I'd probably get off the thing and push it up the hills. :)

    I don't mind the single track roads, it's the 3 miles of A road between here and village that I'd worry about because of the lorries. What are your roads like?

    Frugaldom votes to 'go for it' - get a frugal cycle. I've often seen them advertised free to good homes on the likes of the very aptly named 'freecycle', which is where I got my grandaughter's first big. (Please note that I'm a VERY YOUNG gran!)

    An old neighbour of mine (HUGE fan of baling twine he was, too. We called him Willy Womble when we were kids) was still cycling the 12 mile round trip to the public baths until he was about 80. Stopping for a bin rake along the way was no bother for him as it just looked like he was resting awhile.

    And what about my jetsetting veterans doing their World War Two Heritage Tours? I'll bet they all cycled and that's what kept the likes of Ted Cachart fit for all these years.

  2. West Cork roads are not the best. Lots of them are full of pot holes and the speed limit is 8o km. Yes I know! Fifty miles an hour is crazy.

    I am starting to really dislike cars and oil. Perhaps households should be allowed only one car?

    No politician would be brave enough to say it. There would also be a major drop in road tax revenue.

    I really like your idea of getting off your bike and pushing it up the hills!

    Bicycles get you fit and mobile and don't pollute the world.

    Think I will get myself a bicycle! I even went for an hike today!



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