Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I thought that when I FINALLY had my book published that I would be content.  It's nearly twelve months since I actually placed my hands on my  brainchild; ARCHIE SPARROWS BOOK OF USEFUL TIPS TO BEAT THE RECESSION with...........Baling String.  Twelve months since I held the book in my hands.

But am I content?  Yeah.  I achieved my life time dream of becoming a published author.

There are several downfalls though.  I find myself constantly checking my book rating on Amazon and seeing if my two blogs have any comments.  Things are pretty quiet on that front at the moment.  Although my view ratings are doing well and I have heard lots of people read them but don't post comments.

In the mean time.  It's back to my new book idea. I'm tapping those keys and thinking "it's only a book!"

Do you suffer this writers neurosis problem?

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