Friday, 23 September 2011


No I am not talking about one of those reptile creatures.  I am talking about my Crocodile Azada grubbing hoe.  They are the best thing since sliced bread was invented.

You must have seen one or something similar.  I bought mine last year.  It's fantastic for clearing weeds and grass.  I suffer from a bad bad - most gardeners do!

About 12 years ago I helped somebody move a double wardrobe and they accidently let it go on the stairs.  The wardrobe decided to push me down the stairs and crush me behind the front door.  I felt my heart move and broke a rib or two.  Every time I do anything physical - my back aches like mad!

That's why I bought my Crocodile hoe.  It really is so easy to dig with.  I am currently clearing my potato area at the moment.  So I have set myself a challenge of clearing a two metres square area of weeds per day.  That's four wheelbarrows of compost material every day.  This then gets piked (four prong pike) into my trusty wheelbarrow and composted in my pallet compost area.  It's then mixed with farmyard manure and covered up with a old carpet.

My compost area consists of six wooden pallets stood up right and tied together with baling string.  Talking of baling string!! I am the author of a funny book about it's many uses.  Put Archie Sparrows book of useful tips with....BALING STRING? in Amazon books.  See if you can find it!

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  1. I suffer from a bad bad? What's one of those? I was supposed to write a bad back. The old eyesight isn't the best either. I must get some new reading glasses. Sorry about that folks!


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