Friday, 23 September 2011


Are you writing a book at the moment?  I try to write something everyday.  It's like exercise.  The more you do it - the easier it gets!  Well that's the idea anyway.  It took me ten years or more to finally achieve my dream of becoming a fully fledged published author.

Never never stop believing.  Remember rejection slips aren't personal.  Book publishers aren't rejecting you!  They might be full up or they can't afford to publish at the moment.

I am currently writing a travel book based in Ireland.  It's a kind of McCarthy's Bar style of manuscript.  There's lots of humour and moans and it's really difficult but I am kind of enjoying it.

I think writing is like the banging your head against a wall.  Why?  Because (never start a sentence with because) it's so good when you stop banging your head!

Are you writing a book?  What's it about?  Drop me a line.  I love corresponding with writers - yeah you!


  1. Strangely, I'm about to have a book published. You might have heard of it. I also keep a travel diary - and have written up my last few days in Brussels. This book, though, is definitely not publishable - it is just for me to look back on, rather like a photo album.

    By the Way - if you want to see more detailed info on who is looking at your blog, sign up to StatCounter ( and follow the instructions on how to sign it up to this site. I haven't worked out how to get the Good Life Press Blog signed up yet - I think we don't have the facility, but have managed with my blogspot blog. You can often identify who is looking at your blog when as it tells you the server, and the approximate location.

  2. Yeah I am getting my bookshop to order your winemaking book for me Ben. I think you could write a really good travel book if you wanted to?


  3. I'd love to write a book and I do write every day, even if it's only blogs or forum comments. As it's just Ben and Dave so far - hello to you both :) - I'll let you into a little secret...

    I am working on a couple of projects at the moment and hope to publish the first of a series of ebooks quite soon.

    Trouble is, I spend so much time blogging and reading other folks' writing, that I run out of time for my own. :)

  4. Thanks for your very much appreciated comments. Indifference is no good for the writer - it also creates governments.

    Try and make time for your book Frugaldom. I have given myself a 1000 words a day challenge, be it my new book or blogs.

    Maeve Binchy reckons a page a day. That's 365 pages a year = a decent sized book!

    Please, please keep me informed about the ebook project. I would love to know more about it.


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