Monday, 26 September 2011


Many moons ago.  I wanted one of those Christmas Hampers.  You know the one's you see in the posh newspapers and on the telly?  The trouble was I couldn't afford one!  So I had a brainwave!   I would make my own. It's really easy.

Just clear out a cupboard or get yourself a large cardboard box.  One that you can HIDE in the living room or in the wardrobe.  That's the hamper made.

Now go to the supermarket every week or day.  Buy an extra few items.  Or even double up on them - especially if you are buying some bottles of whiskey!  You will be amazed how quickly you fill your hamper (cardboard box) up to the brim.  You also only fill it with the stuff that you like - no boxes of After Eights!

The Christmas Cupboard is also great to raid if you are skint or it's blowing a gale outside.  The only rule being that what ever you use - you have to replace.

Come Christmas Eve. You won't be going round the supermarket with an enormous shopping trolley or an enormous debt!!

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