Sunday, 25 September 2011


One of my favourite Irish films is The Quiet Man.  Movie film director  John Ford bought the film rights for TEN Dollars!

The author of the Quiet man was called Maurice Walsh.  He was born near Listowel in county Kerry.  John Ford tried to sentimentalise rural Ireland.  He paints a picture of a farming community without social class or religious division.  He later paid Maurice Walsh six thousand dollars.  Mr Walsh described the Technicolor film as "extraordinarily fine".

It's a really beautiful film.  I some times see Maureen O'Hara in one of the West Cork towns near my little smallholding.  It's quite strange see in a Hollywood legend getting out of her car, going shopping.

My only negative comment about the film is the music.  I am not saying I don't like it, oh no!  It's when they keep playing: the Rakes of Mallow.  I can't get the tune out of my head;

Altogether now;

"Dum da, dum da, dum da diddle da".

See what I mean?

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