Monday 25 January 2010

Living the Good life.

Hi. I am interested in writing and smallholding. I live in rural West Cork Ireland. Rural Isolation is a killer!

Oh to be near a pub, football team and a kebab house. It would be great to have a boozer that sells Real Ale and good pub grub. I also love allotments, smallholding and comedy writing and moaning about the lack of public transport in rural Ireland. I try to be organic (don't use manmade Fertilizer), like to call it natural farming. It's somewhere in between organic and chemical conventional farming. I would love to hear from other smallholders, downsizers, comedy writers, and Thin Lizzy fans.

I am finally to become a published writer this year. Been trying for at least 14 years off and on. Any more writers out their who want to share their experiences? Remember write about what you know and what your interested in. Never give up knocking on the publishing doors. Practice makes perfect. NorthsiderDave.

What We Had For Our Smallholding Tea.

 The polytunnel and veg plot keeps on giving and we seem to be eating new spudatoes every day at the moment: Snowball onion, kale and new po...