Monday 27 June 2016

Another Carboot Sale Bargain.

Sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks.  I got myself another bargain the other Sunday morning.  It's an oil painting about eight inches by eight inches.  I paid the princely sum of two Euros for it.  To those of you who were good at metalwark at school.  You will know it's the 'Gleaner's" painted by Jean-Francois Millet.

Apparently even today peasants in France have the right to glean the fields for Corn...  I love the colourful dresses and I think rural life should always be celebrated no matter how hard and difficult it was.

I couldn't believe the Brexit result.  Yes we all know the EEC is far from perfect.  But what power will the UK have now she no longer will have any say?  But there is however talk that the British Parliament can vote it out and the Queen can have the final say.  Suppose if all else fails.  British businesses and citizens can always move over here to their near neighbour Ireland and live in an EEC country?

What did you think of Glastonbury on the BBC?  Give me ELO any day than the modern stuff!  

Monday 6 June 2016

One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Ireland.

We went to Inch beach in county Kerry on Sunday.  It's 3 miles long and incredibly beautiful.  The car park is free and lots of people park and drive a long the beach.  There's a pub and a restaurant, surf schools and wind yacht surfing..

It was a location used in the film: "Ryan's Daughter."  Do you have a favourite beach in the British Isles?  

If you want a break from overcrowded beaches and madding crowds.  You could always visit Ireland.  She's such a beautiful country especially when the weather is so marvellous at the moment.  If it rained at night and the sun shone in the day time.  Life would be just perfect.  

Friday 3 June 2016

Hedgehog Comes To Visit Our Smallholding

I saw this dear fellow going for a saunter along the drive in front of the bungalow this morning.  I haven't seen one (alive) for a few years.  Apparently their population is twenty five percent less than it was twenty five years a go.  Modern farming methods and the use of pesticides and insecticides are said to be the cause of their decline.

 A rather cute and unassuming Mr or Mrs hedgehog on our drive.  They don't seem to be in the least bit  aggressive and do a great job removing the slugs and snails.
Number 2 son grabbed my other son's welding gloves and carried the hedge hog to safety.

The weather's been "skorchio" here in Ireland for the last few weeks.  Long may it be so.

Have you seen any hedgehogs lately?

We actually sat on the patio last night looking at the bay.  I had a few cans of Newcastle Brown and J had a jug of home made Sangria.  It's great living on the Irish Riviera.  Till it rains of course!

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