Sunday, 19 September 2021

I Found A Miners Lamp From Wigan At A Carbootsale In West Cork.


We got up this morning and  went to a carboot sale here in West Cork.  It's great to see things getting back to normal after the Covid lockdowns and restrictions.

I  bought a few things, just for a change! I spotted the silver and brass miners lamp.  It's 1940s and JH Naylor Ltd Wigan is engraved on it.

I've put it next to my brass M&Q safety lamp made in Ecckles  1977.  I have been looking for another one for a while and never expected to find one here in West Cork.

You never know what you might find on a carboot sale do you?

Thursday, 16 September 2021

More Pastoral Pictures From The Carboot Sale.

 We went for a ride out to a carboot sale on Sunday.  Just for a change of course!

I obviously found some carboot treasure: two old sheep and cattle prints in relatively modern gold frames.

We took out the prints and they're not signed but I would say they are around turn of the twentieth  century.

Wifey says she'll touch up the frames with gold paint and I'll find a wall to strike a nail or two in.

This weekend I'm supposed to be selling some of my Sedums perennials.  Suppose I could always mosey on down around the other carboot stalls and see if I can find  something else to collect?🤔

Monday, 13 September 2021

Visiting A Antarctic Explorer's Village In County Kerry.

Tom Crean's picture and pub sign looking through the Hydrangea.

We had a run out on Saturday.  We went shopping in Tralee and then we stopped in Annascaul.

Tom Crean's pub.   It was closed when we visited.

A warm Penguin welcome!

A stone from south Georgia.

Tom's bronze statue of him and his pups.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Shopping For Japanese Onion Sets And Henry Vacuum Bags.

 Tiz the time of year when I go shopping for my onion sets.  So we went in Woodies in Tralee and I purchased two packets of 'Electric' red onions and 'Shenshyu' onion sets.  

The wife went off down an aisle looking for Henry vacuum cleaner bags.  Unfortunately I am sad to say she found some.  What's wrong with a house brush and dust pan or even a Ewbank?  They don't use electricity and they don't make a noise!

I've been growing my 'Japs' for donkeys years.  You plant them now in the vegetables garden and they will be ready to harvest next June before the maincrop summer onions are ready.

Japanese onions are so resilient to the gales and snow and rain and they really are tough beggars.  They also have a good taste.  I might plant some in fish boxes in 'Portugal' my polytunnel like I did last year?  To be honest they don't mind being planted outside.

Anyone else grow Winter onions?

Saturday, 11 September 2021

A Japanese Mountain Print From A Carbootsale.

 Not sure if I showed you this picture I bought at a carbootsale for 3 Euros in County Limerick a few weeks ago?

Me thinks it could be Mount Fushi me thinks?  Oh how  I love Japanese tea gardens.  I have some Japanese pottery and have very fond family holidays memories in Scarborough visiting the Japanese themed gardens Peasholm park.  There would be model naval frigates sea battles, a man playing a Wurlitzer style organ and it seemed like the sun shone every day.

Not a bad find all for 3 Euros and the subject for a blog post!

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

"Keep on Carbooting In The Cheap World"

 If Neil Young was me he'd be probably singing my blog title.

It was a mizzle day in Kinsale and we stopped there and switched to Google maps and followed the road to our carboot destination.

Well one needs to satisfy their inner Womble don't they just?

Here's some treasure we found:

So what  have we got here? There's a pastoral scene picture in the middle of the table.  A book about Amy Winehouse by her dad.  That will no doubt be a blog topic at a later date.  More cottage teapots and I treated the missus to a salt and pepper and mustard cottage on a tray set.  They are from the nineteen forties and the collection gets even more abundant.  I also did purchase a wooden cow money box with a missing ear.  The tablecloth came from a charity shop recentlyand cost the princely sum of two Euros.

Not a bad mornings treasure hunting in the Irish mizzle.  We also went to Iceland.  The shop not the country!😊

I Found A Miners Lamp From Wigan At A Carbootsale In West Cork.

  We got up this morning and  went to a carboot sale here in West Cork.  It's great to see things getting back to normal after the Covid...