Friday 12 July 2024

Two Charity Shop Vases Full Of Feverfew.

"The 18th Century Aspirin Plant."

I have this plant growing in my veg garden at the moment.  It is supposed to be brilliant for alleviating migraine and aches and pains.  

Living in a damp and cold climate like Ireland and Blighty.  It's probably the perfect plant for us all.

 You can eat the leaves raw or make a tea with it? I have made nettle tea in the past so I might make Feverfew tea.

There are some good Feverfew videos to watch on  good old You Tube.

Do you make herbal teas? What to you make?

I have bought Valerian tea bags from health shops and supermarkets.  Valerian is supposed to be good for calming the nerves and helping you sleep.

My brother is a bit of a collector like myself and he recently bought the two vases from a charity shop and gave them to us.  I don't think he paid much for them.  Aren't they pretty?

Thursday 11 July 2024

Another Good Year For The Roses.

 We have had the two wettest winters on record but the wild roses do not seem to mind:

It's a beauty.  

You can also see Montbretia which is considered a nuisance by many West Cork gardeners.  It originates in Africa.  

Perhaps it came here on the Gulf Stream along with the Gunnera and Fuchsia from Chile?  I don't think it is a garden escapee.  There's too much of it for that.  I have a Lucifer /Crocosmia flowering in my garden.  It's related to Montbretia.

I think this wild rose grew from one of my many cuttings.  Even wild roses are beautiful like their cultivar garden cousins.

Here's Elvis Costello singing about it being a good year for the roses.  I saw him at Glastonbury festival in 1989.  I was in my twenties and it seems a life time away.  Enjoy:

There are over 50 songs about Rose's.  Shall I do 50 blog posts about them? 

" I beg your pardon.  I didn't promise you a rose garden".. 

Well it's better than a certain T.rex  lyrics:

"I drive a Rolls Royce.  Cause it's good for my voice". 😀

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Euros Championships Memorable Videos.


Taking a free cold shower during a storm.

Dutch fans dancing in unison.

It's been a brilliant tournament.  Much better than the World Cup.  Spain are fantastic.

Apart from South America. I think Europe have the best international teams.

Enjoy the videos.  If you can think of any others please post them on your blogs.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

Heavy Rock Apple Pie.

 My old rocker mate Phil Mogg released a new record the other day.

He's 76 and still strutting his stuff.

Strangers In The Night by UFO is probably the greatest live album ever recorded.  Well apart from Live And Dangerous by Thin Lizzy of course.

I hope Phil and Neil and the lads come to West Cork or Kerry.  They will be very welcome.

Monday 8 July 2024

My Own Eden Project Plastic Pop Bottles Cloches Worked.

 Remember about three weeks ago when I showed you how I made my cloches from plastic bottles? 

I took the cloches off the plant pots every few days and watered them and replaced the cloches.

Yesterday I took off the cloche and gently tugged on one of my plant pots full of Cotoneaster cuttings.  Guess what? They have all rooted in the three plant pots cloches I made.  That's twelve new Cotoneaster plants.

Deferred plant propagation gratification means in a few month twenty four Euros.  Not bad for  just a second hand filled plant pot of garden soil, rooting powder a plastic bottle cloche that was going to be recycled, some watering by me and a bit of TLC by Mother Nature.

Any one got any plastic bottles they don't want?

Sunday 7 July 2024

A Onion Bhaji Mix.


We found this onion bhaji mix in Aldi in Dunmanway the other day.

We have tried to make these onion starters many times but they have never turned out like the ones you get in the Indian restaurants.

I have lots and lots of onions growing in my veg plot.  So I lifted two of them and cut off their roots and stalks and through them on the compost pile.

J mixed the batter with the sliced onions and cooked them in hot oil.  Then the instructions on the packet said to place them in the oven for fifteen minutes.  This is how they turned out:

Our organic home grown onions and a bhaji mix for 99 Cents made a very nice meal and the best we have ever made.  Not bad if we say it ourselves.

Saturday 6 July 2024

The Pure Drop Inn.


Here is the Pure Drop Inn in Marnhull in Dorset that we visited in 2018.  It's mentioned in Thomas Hardy's classic Tess Of The Durbervilles:

I downloaded this 100 page version for free.  I have seen the film but never read the book.  I read it in three sessions.

Since reading it I have paid 59 Cents for the full version and I am reading it at the moment.

I have read a few Thomas Hardy books like Far From The Madding Crowd and Jude The Obscure.  Which I found very sad.  Didn't Shakespeare say that all life is tragedy?  

I visited Shaftesbury on my last Dorset visit and this was one of the towns in Jude The Obscure.

Tess is considered to be Hardy's Magnum opus or even his greatest work.  Anyone read it?

In the first chapter Tess's father sends a young lad in the pub for a drink and order a carriage to take him home.

Next door is the church where Tess had her new born son Sorrow buried.

My friend and I walked inside the pub for a refreshing pint to quench our thirst.  We sat down in a room near the bar and I heard the landlord  loud whisper to a barmaid:

"Have you seen the state of those two who have just come in?"

We may have looked a bit dishevelled after walking many miles and sleeping in tents.  But we were on one of our rock festivals and literary roughing it trips.  We meant no harm. 

A rather elegantly dressed old lady and a man came in and walked to the bar.  They must have been local gentry and the barman's voice suddenly turned posh and he said:

"Good afternoon.  Would you both like a gloss of woine".

I would have loved a chip butty and a bottle of Newky Brown.  The menu was out of my price range and quite exotic  and up market.  I would have liked the Ploughman's Lunch but I don't think the ploughman would have been very happy.😊

We finished our pints of bitter and walked down the road.  I told my friend what the man had said about us both.  He said: "Why didn't you tell me? " I replied.  "I didn't tell you because I knew you would have said something."

I love visiting Dorset.  It's like being in a modern day Hardy novel.

Time for a Kansas track.  One of my favourite Prog bands who I was lucky enough to see live in 2014:

Two Charity Shop Vases Full Of Feverfew.

"The 18th Century Aspirin Plant." I have this plant growing in my veg garden at the moment.  It is supposed to be brilliant for al...