Tuesday 15 March 2016

Another Rock Hero Passes Away.

I received the terrible email news on Saturday morning from a friend in Poland that Keith Emerson had died.  

I fondly blogged recently of the time we (me and the email sender) saw Emerson Lake and Palmer at Manchester Apollo in the early nineties of the last century.  To say they were brilliant would be an understatement.  Keith Emerson is arguably the greatest keyboard player in the world.  Is type will never be seen again.   

I have seen a few famous people in concert who are no more: Phil Lynott, Ronnie James Dio, Gary Moore and Whitney Houston to name a few.  These people left us in their prime and their music lives on.  We recently watched the Amy film/documentary about Amy Winehouse.  It left us floored like Keith Emerson's death left me.  Such incredible talent should be cherished and may they live on when we play their music. 

I read recently that Keith Emerson was born in Todmorden.  It's a town I have passed through many times and uniquely it's in Lancashire and Yorkshire.  I digress. 

Thanks for being one of my rock hero giants Mr Emerson.

Here's one of Emerson Lake and Palmer's greatest tracks for you:

Saturday 5 March 2016

A Run Around For The Smallholding Young and Old Ratters.

The weather is slowly improving and I actuall mowed the lawns the other day.  The new pups also had a run around in one of the fields near the farm houses.  

 Scamp the Jack Russell terrier and Bell the Border Collie.  They are both lady dogs but they seem to get on fine living together.  Notice the cursed rushes appearing in the pasture.  You never seem to eradicate them.  Thinking of paying a man to wipe them with the weed-licker on the back of the quad bike.  Don't like using weedkillers but topping and strimming doesn't work.

Time for a lie down and climb over number two son.  Notice the lawns been mowed.  

Did I tell you I managed to mow the lawns? I set the mower on it's top settings and didn't bother boxing off.  This week I will lower the settings another couple of notches.

Fido my old Jack Russell.  She's fourteen years old and one of my best friends.  That's why we got the pups so that we won't be devastated too much when she goes to doggy heaven.  

Domino curled up in my tweed hat.  The natives are taking over the smallholding.

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