Sunday 10 April 2016

A Photo Of Bantry Bay In April?

Been a few weeks since I blogged.  Been busy and life some times gets in the way or gets you down, like the weather.  The potatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce and cabbage plants are in the ground outside and we have lots of trays and plant pots full of Rosemary and pink Fuchsia cuttings in the poly-tunnel.  

These were the scenes across the bay when we woke up yesterday morning.  Talked to an elderly farmer yesterday.  Told me he had never known an April so cold and wet.  It's throwing it down today.  A lot of farmers have to put their cattle back in their sheds.  Some haven't even been in the fields yet.

There's definitely something wrong with the weather.  Climate change an all that.  Me thinks it's time to look at warmer climates.  A place in the sun or even a smallholding in the sun.  I am serious.   I am going to retire to Portugal real soon.  Can you retire when you are 52?

Have you been watching  The Durrells on Itv on Sunday nights?  That house in Corfu is to die for - I love it!  

Where would you like to live other than where you live now?  I will catch up with the blogs I follow over the next few days.  

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