Friday 30 November 2018

Tulip Season.

Hello.  I feel like the lyrics to that Adele song.  I haven't even managed to write a blog this month and only two last month.  Still its my 85th of the year so its not too bad.

I am not working on the island any more.  May be next year?  How long is a piece of string?  I know.  It was good to have a laugh and a joke with the lads who I worked with.  

I think that's why we blog because its a natter with other people.  I miss a good chat and a natter.  Especially living with rural isolation a lot of the time.

The other day we went over the Cork and Kerry (Tunnel road) to Kenmare.  Aldi and Lidl are smack bang next to each other and there's even a Super Valu supermarket across the road. 

Inside there is a wool shop and the missus wanted some buttons for a cardigan/ jumper for one of her nieces children she's knitting ("knit one, pearl, click, click every night") for Christmas.  She was asked three weeks a go they wanted FOUR jumpers in the Next THREE weeks!   She's on her last one too!

I decided to wait outside and have a look at the pretty flowers on sale outside the supermarket.  There to my amazement were some TULIPS.  Not from Amsterdam but Kerry in November!  The worlds gone mad! 

I have been back walking lots of miles over the hills overlooking the bays and listening to the wireless (crystal set) on my mobile phone.  This track came on the other day and it related to me about what a crazy world we live in with Brexit and Ukraine and it keeps bloody raining and life keep changing, some times not how we want.  Perhaps we could call it: Tulip Season?  You heard it here first!

Hope you're all well and I always read your blogs even when I don't always comment! I hope to keep writing and jump back on the old blog horse again!

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