Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Great Year For Silage, Spuds And Onions. ("All good gifts around us..")

And yay the rain gods did send deluges and the grass decideth it was time to grow and grow and grow.  Even the sun did shineth and 2012 had a bountiful harvest.

The the silage lads did phone and tell me they were on the way.  The silage contractors came to harvest my fields of very long grass.  It's only a couple of months ago the cattle were grazing it.  Yesterday they did harvest 72 (SEVENTY TWO) bales of silage for ye bovine creatures to eat during the Winter.   That's absolutely incredible, to say not one bit of fertiliser ("the bag manure")was spread.  Only thing is I only need about thirty.  So I am going to have to sell forty of them?  God is in his heaven and the moo cows have got food and we may even make some money from the smallholding for a change.  

"Psst.  Want to buy some West Cork Silage?  You'll have to collect it though. " 

See you next week!!


  1. 72 bales, maybe you need a few more moo-cows to tutn it in to beef?

    Is that the sun I see in a couple of the pics?

  2. Welcome back Cumbrian. Yeah 72 bales is absolutely incredible, almost in the realms of biblical proportions. I have 32 for my cattle (all 6 or is is 7 of them)and the rest is for sale or barter.

    Some learned farmers inform me that you can keep them for over twelve months - even two years. That's if the seagulls and crows..., don't puncture the black plastic that is.

    The bales must weigh half a ton and they are great for making Anna Ford (Ford 3000) standing on 2 wheels.

    You're right. We did have some sunshine last Tuesday Cumbrian.

    Did you get to any good holiday destinations? Somebody told me to go to Montenegro, says it's incredibly beautiful and cheap!



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