Wednesday 5 June 2013

Smallholding Flowers Put On Their Own Display.

Stan Laurel once famously said:

"Haven't we had a lot of weather lately?"

It's so true and we have been blessed with fantastic weather.  It's years since we sat outside for night after night.  Just watching the bay and looking at the flowers and vegetables growing ever so happily.

This a picture of our front garden/path/drive?  We planted some of the pots with annuals and I bought the Greek lady (real plastic) for the missus.  Old Mother Nature did the rest.  Self seeding hardy Geraniums and the Valerian flowers.  Valerian is wonderful for calming the nerves and you can even get Valerian tea bags to help you sleep.  Valerian is said to attract butterflies and rats.  I have read that the Pied Piper of Hamlin used sprigs of Valerian.

It's very difficult to have informal cottage gardens in the countryside.  The surrounding fields and my cattle provide lots of weed seeds in their manure.  But like they say ("who are they?"):

"If weeds won't grow, nothing will grow."


  1. It's glorious weather, lets hope it stays a while. There is a lovely saying- may all your weeds be wild flowers

  2. It is a lovely saying, Ronnie. I also wish all the bought plants and flowers seeded themselves everywhere. Thanks!

  3. Valarian grows like mad all down our lane...I love the pink/ redness of the flowers against the wall

  4. Yeah it's a great plant with it's vibrant colour and wonderful aroma. It likes the sea-side and it's worth collecting some of it's seed to establish some plants in the garden. Some people find it very invasive. I like it very much.

    Thanks John!

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