Monday, 21 April 2014

Day Trip To A Vintage Tractor Show.

We had an early start yesterday morning.  Six thirty to be precise.  We headed over to Kerry (Ardfert) to see a vintage tractor show: The Maurice Collins Memorial Vintage Day.  All money raised goes to local charities.  We saw lots of vintage tractors, cars, motorbikes, ex army lorries a threshing machine, stationary Lister engines? .

It was wonderful to see people from all walks of life united in their love of these pieces of agricultural machinery.  These tractors provided the farmer and his family and their animals with food and to make physical work so much easier on the farm/smallholding.  A lot of us still use them and preserve them for future smallholders to work the land.
We spotted this very unusual 4 wheel drive 'Grey Fergie' 20.  A very clever owner converted her from a 2 wheel drive to four wheel drive.  The tractor is now longer than the traditional 2 wheel drive tractor.

Ford 3000.  We have one of those.  I love the Ford 3000 because she uses hardly any fuel and she will turn on a sixpence.  

The blue tractor is a Fordson Super Dexta.   She was a fore runner to the Ford 3000 and the Ford 4000.  We also have one of those and a Ford 4000.  This Vintage tractor renovation and collecting is becoming something of an obsession.  

All the tractors in all their vintage glory.  It's Fordson, Ford, Ferguson, Fordson, Ferguson, Massey  Ferguson, David Brown, Massey Ferguson,  Bulldog Lanz, Deutz....  All the way.  Fair credit to the organizers, stewards, exhibitors, and glorious weather for making such a nostalgic day.

Do you have an old vintage tractor?  I would love to go to Dorset Steam Fair in August.  Must find some more vintage tractor shows to visit.


  1. A blue fergie was present at Trelawnyd's 2012 jubilee carnival parade!

  2. Never seen a blue fergie, John. The vintage tractor shows raise thousands for very worthy causes. Perhaps you could have a vintage tractor section at Trelawnyd Flower Show?

  3. I share your love of old machines though it is steam that does it for me.

  4. Steam is wonderful also, John. I love old films like Ghost Train and Oh Mr Porter. Wish there was a steam railway near us. I some times think I should have been born in Victorian times. I would love to have worked in a walled kitchen garden on a large country estate.


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