Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Planting Praeties Time.

Yes its that time of the year folks.  We bought six small net bags of seed potatoes  from our local German (Lidl) garden centre for fifteen Euros.  That's about twelve Pounds fifty if you live in Blighty.  We are growing Sharpes Express and British Queens this year.  My Irish grandfather always grew the British Queens.  We only grow a few rows of early potatoes.  

Here's some pictures for you:
 Its been lovely weather (until last night and today) and we managed to plant the seed potatoes.  You can see the bay in the distance and my two cold frames.  I showed you the brick made construction last week.  The one furthest way is made from old 3x2 lengths of woods.  There are approximately 300 rooted cuttings in there and to use McDonald's theme: "I'm (their) loving it!"  

I was reading that commercially bought potting composts could have chemical fertilizers in them.  Anybody know?  Do you make your own potting compost mix?  Any compost recipes most gratefully welcome!

We always plant sticks at the end of the rows for markers.  I plant Dogwood or Cornus because they root and you get a new shrub or ten for nothing.  See the plastic baths?  I use to grow veg in them but now I put my perennials in pots in them.
I always plant in a north to south direction.  My trusty Azada hoe dug the trenches for me.  I helped a bit though.  Then we covered them up with the Azada and the four prong pike.  
I am going to mulch the potatoes with grass cuttings.  Not fresh though because it could burn the stalks.  I mulched my Japanese onions recently with grass clippings and they love the grass.  It works like a natural fertilizer and mulch and keeps the weeds at bay.  Does anybody else use grass for a mulch?  

I put some grass clippings in my garden tea barrel last week along with the nettles and pillow of cow poo.  I needed no tomato fertilizer last year when I used my magic garden brew.  You have to dilute it 10-1 though.

Have you planted your spudatoes yet?  What varieties are you growing?  The potatoes we planted in the polystyrene box in the polytunnel have pushed their stalks through the soil.  


  1. Gosh, I wish I had your energy. Answer is No to your questions but surprise, surprise- the dead fern I mentioned recently is growing new tufts. I managed to remove a couple of dead tufts and lo and behold there were the new shoots. I am leaving well alone for the time being - see what happens.

  2. Only half way through getting my trenches dug . Will be planting Sarpo Mira and Constance, with a few pink fir apples in random tubs.
    Happy Planting !

    1. Hi Frugal. I have grown Sarpo Mira before. They're the Hungarian blight resistant potatoes aren't they? Not familiar with Constance? Pink Fir are the salad potatoes aren't they? Happy planting!

  3. Thanks Valerie. Some people like ferns growing in their garden. I don't mind a few of them and I also let the Foxgloves, Primroses, Daisies, Celandines grow along with the Forget me nots. Yeah see what happens with the fern. Thanks!

  4. I get seed potatoes from Lidl too Dave. They taste just the same! I think I’ve mentioned before, but that’s a beautiful view when you look up from planting the potatoes.

  5. Thanks for your comment Philip. There isn't a lot of choice but their seed potatoes are very inexpensive. My grandmother useto say: "The view won't feed you!" Its good on a nice day. But not so good when we get a storm blowing. Thanks!

  6. The soil looks pretty good Dave.

  7. It was once a little field Rachel and I have put a lot of farm yard manure on it in the last eighteen years. I haven't put any on this year. Hopefully seaweed, chicken pellet manure and grass clippings will give it enough natural fertilizer. A friend said they would drop me off some of his well rotted cow manure and I will probably earth up the potato rows with it. Thanks.

  8. We are planting this weekend. We've got Rooster, Casablanca and jazzy. We grew jazzy last year. They were the best potato we have ever grown.
    We are troubled with millions of slugs though.....

  9. Thanks for your comment Christina. Have you tried covering your seed potatoes in soot when you plant them? Slugs don't like it. I have grown Rooster. Orla is probably our favourite . I notice on your profile you like Shadowlands. I have seen it twenty times and I still get upset when I watch it. Debra Winger and Anthony Hopkins are amazing actors. Thanks!

  10. No, I haven't tried soot. We have a woodburner and have the chimney swept regularly but not in time for this year's planting. I will do it next year, if I'm spared!
    Oh yes, shadowlands. Wonderful if emotionally draining. I also love remains of the day and suite francaise.
    Great blog, thank you. I found you through Rachel.

  11. Thanks Christina. There are quite a few slug resistant seed potatoes like Arran Pilot, Sarpo Mira and Kestrel. Onions like wood ash. Its full of potash.

    Shadowlands always gives great catharsis and I think of loved ones who have passed away because of the big C. I am glad you like the blog. Rachel's blog is always my first read every day. Thanks again.

  12. hope that your plants are growing well...
    have a great day

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