Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Do You Think There's A Weed God?

Hiya Folks.
It's finally drying up (it rained last night) and I am managing to get on the vegetable plot.  That's me last year when my old Solanum Tuberosums had decided to stick their stalks through the soil and fym and grow delicious potatoes.  The puddle behind me is a stretch of water called Bantry Bay.  There have been songs written about it and the next piece of land going west is a place called: America.

The cap in my right hand is my trust 'Manchester United' one.  Whilst the state of the art handle in my other hand is my 'Azada' grubbing hoe.  It is the best thing invented since sliced bread for clearing weeds and grass.  Honestly.  It's brilliant.

Any road (more northern colloquial speech terminology).  I have been weeding and giving the old gardens a "right good tidy up".    I was thinking yesterday (oh no!) whilst weeding and cultivating the gardens.  Is there a weed god?  I am not talking about cannabis or smoking banana peel.  Hands up if you ever had a go at smoking banana peel.  It's doesn't work does it?  Did I see you laugh then?

Talking about laughing.  Did I tell you I also write books?  Well.  If you go on good old Amazon and type in : Smallholding Humour or : 'Baling String'.  You will find  a rather daft smallholder called Archie Sparrow.  Go on folks rush along and buy the book and I might able to afford to get an haircut or some little person to work in the garden!



  1. Any road!!!! I love that turn of phrase! I love the idea that you'd like a 'little person' to work in the garden - thinking about the old child labour, eh? Well, can't say I'm totally against it! I have a plan that academic education ought to stop at age 14, to be replaced by manual work. Then, at age 17 (when the brain is a tad more developed), straight back to academia! It would've suited me to leave at 14, for a while (I was a right terror!). If I was me, I'd've bunged me straight into a vegetable picking farm!!! Will have a butchers at yr small holding book! (Looking forward to it!) Carol.

  2. The 'little person' I am referring to Carol are those working type people that drop their aitches and pull their forelocks and get soil under the fingernails.. The kind of people that I descend from. Although my mother's relation once owned some textile mills. I don't what happened to the the money though? I think everybody should have one of them there allotments or a smallholding. Do you have an allotment Carol?

    The book. Yeah it's a daft book about a Lancashire smallholder called Archie Sparrow. I was hoping that the BBC would ask me to write them a script for radio or television? Gardening programmes are far too serious and we need lots more Archie Sparrows to show us 'how not' to do it.

    Ta very much for the comments Carol.


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