Monday, 27 February 2012

No Colloquialism Allowed! "I'll Put Kettle On".


Are you alreet?

To those of you who don't know.  I am a published author born in northern England (that's why my blog is called 'Northsider') and now living in West Cork.  I have been told that my writing (musings-rants) contain a lot of northern English colloquial phrases.  I like to think that I speak and write in my mother tongue.  My mother was Lancastrian and if her dialect and northern colloquial speech was good enough for her - then it's good enough for me or even thee?  What do you think?

I have just found out  on the Internet) that a famous store (they sound like they sell white goods for kitchens)  in Manchester, asked their staff to stop saying the following words: "Hiya, ta-ra, cheers and see-ya".  Apparently these terms are not appropriate and "Hiya" is far too friendly.   Refreshingly.  I have also read (Tinternet and T'web) that Manchester airport is encouraging its non-native staff to use the 'friendly northern words' and they are playing  Manchester music bands like the'Smiths' at the check ins.

Stuart Maconie's excellent book: "Pies and Prejudice" comments about the BBC having a North of England correspondent.  Yet it doesn't have a 'South of England' correspondent.    Why do you rarely see a news or sports presenter with a regional accent?

Any thoughts readers?

See ya.


  1. Lucky they don't have a North London news presenter - something along the lines of: 'Oh, them Syrians, what are they like...honestly. They say it's not civil war, but I didn't just get off the boat, dont'cha know. Oh, and some news just in about that poor Whitney Houston - turns out it WAS the smack that done her in...well, I could've told 'em that. Coroner? Third man at the bus queue could've worked that one out.'

    Totally understand why I didn't get the job!!!

  2. I think if the third man at the bus queue was asked his opinion on anything. He would make more sense than the politicians and the experts on the news.

    Me thinks I remember reading Adrian Mole and his dad heard the news that Argentina had invaded the Falkland Isles. He quickly went back to bed when he found out they weren't situated off the top of Scotland.

    Thanks Carol!


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