Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Shetland Pony Arrives On Our Smallholding In Southern Ireland.

This is Bracken our new addition to the smallholding.  I was going to call him Arthur Scargill because his relations once worked down the coal mines in the UK.  He tells me there's still two hundred years of coal left in England but for some reason the powers that be we would rather have gas, nuclear and oil for fuel.  Says he much prefers working (eating our grass) than working down those pits.  However he doesn't half miss all the great real ale and pasties and pies.  Can't say he's wrong!  Anybody want to start exporting English bitter (preferably northern with an head on it) to Southern Ireland?


  1. Handsome little chappie, does he look a bit thin? No doubt some good pasture will soon put that right. How old is he?
    Some of the pit ponies weren't treated that badly, except for spending their working life underground. The last colliery here with pit ponies was Siddick, I remember them being put out to grass when the pit shut.

    Not surprised he's missing the ale and pastry things, but you'll soon educate his taste buds to the Guinness and Irish soda farl.

    Best way to get your English ale is to brew it there, I'm sure they've got the expertise. A mini-brewery isn't so difficult or expensive to set up if you've got a spare out-building, and it's not that hard to produce good ale; might be an opening there for you, sell enough to subsidise your own consumption.

    Hedonistic cat asleep in front of fire, it's on because it's cold wet and miserable, hasn't stopped raining all day.

  2. Hi Cumbrian. He's not that thin really, but you could be right. We bought him some pony nuts and gave him some hay and he's been scoffing grass all day in the little paddock that I use for the calf's, so they can get back in the cow stall and horses house (stable) if it rains. Bracken also gets a straw bed and a tub of well water.

    I hear a lot of pit ponies went blind. There are also Kerry bog ponies in Ireland and they seem to be redundant also. Nobody wants or is allowed to dig the turf (peat) unless it's done mechanically.

    Once went down a pit near Huddersfield and the Sygun copper mine in north Wales. A lot of the miners worked under the trenches in Northern France also.

    Yes there are some great Irish delicacies like soda bread, white pudding, red lemonade, Tayto crisps, the cheese and onion toasty. Seems to be the pub staple menu staple diet in these parts. Not forgetting the Guinness of course. Not keen on Irish whiskey either. I love Dalwhinnie malt whisky from Scotland. Think the Swiss lads also own that along with Guinness.

    I'm going to test some brewed beer next week when I visit Cork for a day out. Will report back on my findings. There also a few micro-breweries scattered around Ireland. I would drink all the profits if I had my own mini brewery. Would love to see a chain of English pubs set up in Southern Ireland. It would serve real ale, and have a menu with dishes form different English counties.

    The rain sounds like here. I looked up 'Sun' holidays and you're right. they have put all the prices up. October looks a good month to vacate.


  3. I'm not one to criticise body hair, but doesn't the fellow's fringe need trimming?

  4. It probably does need trimming but he informs me that its the in style for Shetland ponies.

    Just looked at your: Gorilla Banas blog. It's very good and very entertaining.


  5. Even Bananas. Sorry for the typo.

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