Monday 10 September 2012

"I am Just A Cowboy" And Thanks For The Unthanks.

It's Monday night and I thought I would share two great bands with you.  The first one is the great Thin Lizzy.  I once saw them at Manchester Apollo (Renegade Tour) in November 1981.    The great Phil Lynott was  a great Manchester United fan and his mother was born in Clonakilty here in West Cork. God bless you Phil.

Seeing that I am a smallholding farmer.  Here's one of their great and very appropiate songs:  The Cowboy Song.  What a great band.

A few months ago I was watching the Cambridge Folk Festival on Sky.  A Northumberland band called The Unthanks played a song called:  The King of Rome.  It's incredibly moving and it's my favourite song of the year.  The Unthanks are touring the UK and one night in Dublin this Autumn.  I really want to go to see them but it's a Monday night and I would need to stay in an hotel for the night and it's along way from West Cork and I will have to get somebody to look after the farm animals and...  Tell you what check out this great You Tube video and see what you think.

I forgot to say the Unthanks appear in the video with the Brighouse and Rastrick brass band.  I adore brass bands.  Brassed Off is one of my favourite films of all time.  Do you like Brassed Off?

See you later.

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