Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' and 3 Butterflies Enjoy Our Smallholding.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.
Here's a photograph taken this very morning on our smallholding.  I adore herbaceous perennials and this a picture of Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.  They are great for attracting butterflies.  Sadly the Sedum in all its glory is a finger post to show us winter will soon be.

I have read that there is no known scientific purpose for these beautiful winged insects, apart from pollinating flowers.  It's wonderful to think that our creator made something because its beautiful.  It's also sad to think that your average butterfly only lives for one month at the most.  Just shows we should celebrate every day.  We are just dust in the wind.

Here's a song called: 'Dust in the Wind'.  It's an incredible song by an incredible band: Kansas.  I really would like to see them live one day.


  1. Nice to see the butterflies, not many here this year, I can count on one hand the number I've seen, and most of them the whites, only one coloured like in your pic.
    They must have a place in the scheme of things, even if it's only looking pretty, they don't have a down-side, at least i don't know one.

    Dust in the wind, that's where we're all going one day, would it be nice to know the day in advance? Or maybe not?

    Don't know whose quote it was "Farm like you'll live forever, Live like you'll die tomorrow" or words to that effect.
    As you say, celebrate every day, pack all you can in, you're a long time dead.

    More rain this morning and overcast but no wind; keeps cool.
    Raggy cat waiting early this morning, looking a bit wet and bedraggled, milk and biccies, drying out on the sofa.

  2. The Sedum plants are great for attracting them Cumbrian. It would be wonderful to think that they have their place in the scheme of things. Sometimes you have to stop yourself and smell the coffee and use all your senses and then you experience beauty.

    Dust in the wind. Yes we can't take nothing with us when we die. Like to think there is a better place on the other side of the grave? The poor Cyclops in Greek and Roman mythology was always sad because it knew the day it was going to die.

    It will be a terrible day when I can't tend my vegetable garden or see the cattle in the fields. But time waits for nobody and there is nothing we can do is there?

    It is a great saying. Make every day a special day. You're so right.

    Fine here but dull. Raggy cat will be on strike if he keeps having to wait for his breakfast. He's a great character.


  3. Have just stumbled upon this lovely little site whilst looking up sedum plants in the hope of creating a butterfly/bee friendly nature garden.

    I must say I was very touched by your beautifully poetic and wise words, Northsider, bringing to our attention the transience of beauty and of life. I lost my partner just over two months ago, suddenly, at age 52 and your words brought tears to my eyes. Indeed we are all just dust in the wind. And may we all learn to appreciate the beauty in all God gives us and not take this for granted, even something as small as a flower or a butterfly, for when it's gone it's gone.

    Thank you for your words - there is indeed a reason for everything.

  4. Actually butterflies have a purpose beyond pollinating. Both the butterfly and the caterpillar are important foods to other insects, birds and mammals. Glad some live long enough to reproduce so we can enjoy them on our sedums!


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