Friday 5 April 2013

Recycling Fence Posts, Barbed Wire And The Cattle Have Gone On Their Holidays Next To The Sea (Bantry Bay).

Well the cattle finally (hallelujah!) made it down the road (boreen) to their summer grazing yesterday.  I have been busy recycling old fence posts and barbed wire and making a fence to split the pasture up and fencing off a stream to stop the cattle placing country (think about it)  pancakes in it.  It's a spring and it supplies them with drinking water and minerals...  Do you recycle your fence posts and barbed wire?  I did have to spend twenty Euros on electric fence wire and insulators though.  Even smallholder tight wads like me have to spend some money.

Today we cleaned out the cow stall and yard and made another big pile of farmyard manure.   The old back is aching but I am happy because the cattle are happy fattening on the summer grass.

It was frosty last night but the cattle didn't seem to mind it.  It also means the twice daily walks will keep me fit.  I may even get rid of my beer belly.  Doubt it though. 2 miles  a day = 14 miles a week.  That's quite a lot isn't it?  But if I only go once a day that's 1 mile a day = 7 miles a week.  That's still not bad is it?  

Can you see the fox path (trail) in front of the cattle?  They seem creatures of habit  always treading the same path.  The foxes live in the cliffs below the pasture.  I sometimes see young foxes playing.  Once saw a big dog fox carrying a big rat in it's mouth.  So they are not all bad.  Once saw 2 rats eating blackberries from the brambles growing around the edges of the fields.  There's never a dull moment when you go to see your cattle.


  1. Fox almost got the cockerel this week but the dog chased it off. cockerel just missing it tail feathers. A close call and it was a daylight raid.
    Last summer I watched a rat up a hazel tree eating nuts. Never seen that before.

  2. I like wildlife but I hate rats. Once I was sawing wood in an old outbuilding and a rat ran over my foot. I believe they will eat anything that is organic. So they find smallholdings a great source for food.


  3. Boy, I need a reason to walk that far every day - exercise just for the sake of it is so boring. Have a great week.

  4. Hi Carole, Yes I agree with you exercise is boring without a purpose. It's much better walking and talking with somebody else.



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