Friday 24 May 2013

Views From Our Smallholding Overlooking Bantry Bay.

 The Sun sets on Bantry Bay.

Potatoes, Onions and 'Maggie' and 'Anna Ford' our two tractors.
Two oil tankers passing each other on Bantry Bay.  Still showing wrong date.
 It's been fabulous weather here this week and the cattle and vegetables are loving it.  I sound like that McDonalds advert, don't I?

What a difference a week makes.  The weather means everything when you live in the countryside.  I was thinking the other day ("oh no!") when I was walking along the road.  Why are there no pavements and the cars allowed to drive at 80 KM per hour?  What do you think readers?  Should country dwellers have the same infrastructure that town and country dwellers have?  I do!

Any thoughts please?


  1. The colour of that sky is fabulous. It's rained none stop here the past few days, and it's been freezing cold too, so glad you sound like you are having better weather.

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    We get some fabulous sunsets and incredibly frightening gales at times. My new seeded field of Barley is crying out for rain. We are never happy are we? Think the rain is here tomorrow. Hope you have better weather.


  3. Nice looking sunset, potatoes are well on, a lot further than ours.
    Planted a few soaked dried peas in a bucket, they've grown and about 1" high, let's see how they come on, grandson (6) seemed impressed, need to keep him from eating them before they're ready in a few weeks.

    Good point about speed, why do cars have to be made to go at 140 mph when the limit's only 70 ?

    Lovely early summer day today, bright sun, blue sky, smoke rising straight up, but still not really warm.

    Raggy cat spending a lot of time out, sun-bathing on the back decking.

  4. Forgot to mention the Solway Firth, this morning like a mirror, windmills still.

  5. It's great to read that you're growing your self some vegetables Cumbrian. The potatoes growing in Portugal recently looked about a month further on than ours.

    I never understand why they don't make the council strim verges and provide places for pedestrians too walk safely. I would even suggest lights on telegraph/electricity poles every few hundred yards. The power is there so why give light for people an (farm and wild)animals road safety?

    Trying to rain here. Rooks keep pecking at the barley. Homemade fertilizer bag scarecrows don't seem to be working.

    Raggy cat must have been human in another life.



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