Saturday 8 February 2014

Humboldt Penguins Are Depressed With The Rain. (You Couldn't Make It Up.)

It said in the Guardian yesterday.  The Humboldt Penguins at Scarborough zoo are suffering from S.A.D.  So they are giving them antidepressants to cheer them up.  The powers that be reckon they are missing their native South America - Peru.  Isn't that where the Potatoes come from?  

I haven't bought my seed potatoes yet, have you?  Normally we grow Orla.  They originate from Scotland and aren't prone to blight like a lot of the Irish seed potatoes do.  I am going to cut down on my seed potatoes this year because my parents are no longer around to celebrate our vegetable harvest.  I think we could all do with some antidepressant drugs after this terrible wet and windy winter.  It's the wettest weather since records began. That's official.  

Any road.

I seem to be having a fascination with Paris at the moment.  I think it's since I saw that great film: Midnight In Paris.  Have you ever been to Paris?  Is it expensive?  I would love to visit it and sit in the cafe's that the famous writers frequented.  I found this wonderful track the other day by Pendragon musician Peter Gee.  It's called Paris.  Enjoy.  


  1. Hi Dave !
    With regard to antidepressants I have always had the impression that West Corkonians grew their own variety !

  2. Hi,

    Cork ain't no Colorado. But yes it's famous for it's antidepressant import and export trade. I believe the tax have made 3 million Dollars in cannabis tax revenue in Colorado in January. There's always been uisage-beatha (the white lemonade) or Po-teen available in Ireland. I think us farmers always kept a bottle in case they had a sick cow. Sounds a good enough reason to me.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. In a rather romantic moment of mine, I proposed to my now wife in Paris some 7 years ago at new years. We loved it but to eat well it's quite expensive.
    Brought my early potatoes the other day. Going for rocket this year. Not going to bother with main crop as a massive bag is only £6

  4. Hi Kev, Thanks for the advice.

    We have been through the Channel Tunnel (amazing engineering feat) but I have never visited Paris. Would also like to visit the battle fields of northern France and Belgium.

    I have grown Rocket in the past. They are the probably quickest growing early potato. We grow Orla usually. They are tasty and you can let them grow into a maincrop if it's very hot weather and you don't feel like eating potatoes. Sarpo Mira is also very good for Blight areas. Think they come from Hungary?


  5. Poor penguins - I do hate the whole idea of zoos - and in today's world kids can learn so much more about animals via video - I love Paris too. I haven't seen the movie and will look out for it. Cheers

  6. Hi Carole, I think you would like Midnight In Paris. It's another time portal travel idea. Imagine meeting great writers and artists like Hemingway and Picasso? Thanks!

  7. I love Paris, but go rarely now. When I was much younger, and working in London, I often used to take the Friday night plane, then return home on Sunday evening. It felt so 'grown-up' being by myself, and eating in tiny Montmartre bistros. It made my City life almost bearable. These days I'd rather go to Toulouse; it's nearer.

  8. Sorry it took me so long to reply Cro. No electricity for 24 hours. I really like France. Been to Calais and Boulogne on day trips and flown over France I remember that excellent song: Goodbye Toulouse by the Stranglers. Thanks for your comment!


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