Sunday, 23 February 2014

Smallholding Whisky Cake.

Continuing with my smallholding alcohol cakes.  We found a recipe for Whisky cake yesterday.  It's worth keeping an horrible bottle of sherry, wine, beer or whisky just for cooking or making cakes with.  Some body bought me a bottle of Irish whisky for Christmas and me not like.  So it might be worth you having a look in your cupboard and clear out some old bottles of grog and make some cakey wake.

Here's what you do:

Get yourself 85 ml of whisky or 3 floz if you still work in Imperial.
170g of chopped walnuts, 85 g currants, 85g of raisins, 4 ounce of plain flour, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1/4 tsp of salt, 40z of butter, 80z of cater sugar, 3 eggs, 1 tsp of grated nutmeg, 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon.

Put your raisin, walnuts and currants into a bowl.  Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of flour over them.  Then mix it all up and put to one side.  Sift the remaining flour, salt and baking powder.

Cream the sugar and butter until they are light and fluffy and beat in your eggs.  A wooden spoon will do if you haven't got an electric mixer.  Then mix the cinnamon, whisky and nutmeg. Fold in the flour and butter mix.

Beat the egg whites until stiff.  Then fold your walnut mixture and egg whites together into the flour mix.  Place in a greased tin and bake in the centre of the oven for about an hour in a moderate (325F/Gas 3) oven.  We just bang some coal and wood in range and leave it to cook.  Test it with a metal skewer.  If it comes out clean, it's ready.  Leave to cool in the tin.

Next time we will have a go at cooking pork chops in cider.  Enjoy your cake.


  1. Excellent! I just need nuts, hens laying and I wonder if Port would work? Will let you know when I get around to trying this. :)

  2. Hi NYK. You don't need nuts if you don't want. You could even put cherries instead of them. Port should work just the same. Just experiment and don't throw any unwanted alcohol away.

    Sorry I haven't left a comment on your blog for a while. How ever I do always read every post. Thanks!

  3. When you get around to roasting Lamb try cooking & basting it in coca cola - the result will surprise you :-)

  4. At last, a use for unwanted alcohol, all I need now is some baking lessons.

    Another grim wet windy day here.

    Raggy cat continues its hedonistic fireside lifestyle.

  5. Lamb is on offer at our Super Valu this week, Heron. Will give it a try and report back. Not really lamb eaters. We eat more beef than anything. Thanks very much!

  6. I have lots of unwanted home brew bitter. I'm not going to throw it away though. We will use it for baking. Fruit cakes are scandalous over here. They are five Euros each in the shops. It works out far cheaper to make them.



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