Saturday, 4 October 2014

Smallholders Leek, Potato And Carrot Soup With A Country Style Wholemeal Bread Mix From Aldi. For Less Than 2 Euro.

 We made some bread and soup yesterday (Friday) afternoon.  It was a mixed day with some overcast showers.  I dug up 3 Leeks and some potatoes and a onion and two carrots.  Then we chopped and sliced up the vegetables and cooked them in a pint and half of vegetable stock.  Then we brought it to the boil and blended it.

The bread was made a bit earlier from a mix from Aldi.  We get two loaves from the bread mix.  The range in the kitchen gets lit late morning and it cooks the supper, heats the radiators and gives us hot water.  We have chopped and split lots of logs (thanks to last winters Darwin gale)and we have loads to burn in the log shed.  So we thought:

"Why not make some soup?"

We thought the bread tasted gorgeous but the soup was a bit average and boring.  It did fill us up though and all for less than 2 Euro.

What's your cheapest home grown meal or soup?


  1. I love autumn soups
    Next to the fire with steamed up glasses on

  2. Yes John, I think its soup, stews, bread and pies and pasties season. Especially now the weather is changing.

    We give a lot of the cabbage leaves to the livestock and we should be using to make soup. I believe you can even use the green leaves of leeks to make vegetable stock. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Soup and stews here too - especially with garlic toast, tastes great and helps the immunity to colds etc. Stay warm.

  4. Hi Jane. We got the first proper gale last night. Miraculously there was no damage done. Yes its great to get the range going with lots of stews, soups and meat and potato pasties, tonight! Thanks!

  5. Yes, time for my famous lentil soup, there's 2 ham shanks in the freezer waiting to go in the slow cooker.
    And breast of lamb for hot-pot (scouse if you're from Liverpool) with potatoes, onions and a handful of lentils to thicken it.
    Good autumn fare.

  6. Your lentil soup sounds just the ticket, Cumbrian. We often make bacon hotpot. It is good Autumn fare and its a case of what your body needs not what you think you want to eat.


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