Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Another Rock Hero Passes Away.

I received the terrible email news on Saturday morning from a friend in Poland that Keith Emerson had died.  

I fondly blogged recently of the time we (me and the email sender) saw Emerson Lake and Palmer at Manchester Apollo in the early nineties of the last century.  To say they were brilliant would be an understatement.  Keith Emerson is arguably the greatest keyboard player in the world.  Is type will never be seen again.   

I have seen a few famous people in concert who are no more: Phil Lynott, Ronnie James Dio, Gary Moore and Whitney Houston to name a few.  These people left us in their prime and their music lives on.  We recently watched the Amy film/documentary about Amy Winehouse.  It left us floored like Keith Emerson's death left me.  Such incredible talent should be cherished and may they live on when we play their music. 

I read recently that Keith Emerson was born in Todmorden.  It's a town I have passed through many times and uniquely it's in Lancashire and Yorkshire.  I digress. 

Thanks for being one of my rock hero giants Mr Emerson.

Here's one of Emerson Lake and Palmer's greatest tracks for you:


  1. Dave this year is horrendous for all of the people leaving us. and I dont think that the celebrities from all the tv programme when they have been locked in a house together will ever touch the style, grace, or knowledge of the hard work a lot of people go to musically or acting. Nope they are nobodies we are churning out 10 to the dozen. Nothing compared to the actors and musicians we have lost lately.

    Went to a gig the other night at a grungy pub, the lads playing, I cant for the life of me think of their name. Anyways they had all been playing since junior school and they were fab. price on the door was £5. 5 quid well spent. Good night.

    The first 3 months of this year have been dire. Just dire. I am so fed up with them I think we need to forget them.

    Hows you soil coming along? Has it dried much? I have some sickly looking tomatoes trying to give it a go at the moment. and new to me borage... lets see how it goes.

    hoping for blue skies and some good news...

    Best wishes, Sol

  2. Hi Sol, I live in the past with my music. Give me sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties rock and pop music anytime. You can't beat a good solid rock band live especially if they have keyboards and a lead guitar. The gig you went to sounds brilliant.

    My next post will be about digging over the soil. It's lovely and dry at the moment. Managed to dig/fork over the potato plot, prune some shrubs and mowed the lawns and the cattle have been out grazing.

    Best wishes Sol and please post a blog or ten!

  3. post is up for you Dave!

  4. Hi Dave, just catching up after Barcelona. This is terrible news. I listened to fanfare for the common man on youtube earlier this morning and it sent shivers down my spine and then I saw that you featured it here too. They formed part of my music life in the early 1970s before I even went to live in Newcastle when I moved on to Steely Dan etc. So sad that another great musician has gone. Hope you are ok, not seen so much of you recently over on my blog. I went to Barcelona but didn't do much for me, not like the great eastern European cities do. Big match today!

  5. Hi Rachel. Yes terrible news about Keith Emerson. I always hoped I would see ELP again some day. At least I got to see them once. Would put them up there in my top four all time concerts. SteelY Dan were great too.

    Been busy on the farm and been away for a couple of days. Hope to catch up with your blog too. Great win for United. I am actually starting to think that Leicester will be champions. Thanks!


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