Sunday, 31 July 2016

We Took The Wrong Step Years A Go.

I often meet tourists wandering about near us.  Some times we let them camp on our (no charge) land if they seem OK.  A couple of weeks a go I met a couple from Cheshire.  I told them I knew the Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire areas quite well and was brought up in Lancashire.  

Then we got on to politics and Brexit and I said I use to be in the Labour party and went to the massive CND march in London in 1983?  Guess what they were there way back then also.  Doesn't it make the world seem so much smaller?  Even though there were 250000 protesters there.

I remember going in a posh cake shop in Hyde Park Corner and asking them:

"Can I have a meat and potato pie please?"

A young woman who sounded like Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter informed me that they only sold cakes.  Posh one's at that I bet!

I was only about nineteen or twenty and I genuinely thought that we could change the world and Britain would get rid of nuclear weapons even nuclear power.  This was back in the days when Labour was the party for the labourers and still believed in clause 4 Socialism.

Refreshing little Ireland doesn't have any nuclear power or weapons for that matter.  Yet there is talk about the British government/Chinese/ French... building a new nuclear facility just 150 miles from Ireland.  Surely the EEC can stop this happening or can Ireland have a say that they don't want any nuclear plants being built near them?  

Rachel (a really good blog I read every day) was talking about Joni Mitchell today and she wrote quite a few protest songs.  I think I would choose the following Hawk-wind song for one of my favourite protest songs.


  1. Thanks Dave. The Hawkwind song is interesting with the video and brings it home more than if I was just listening to it without the film. The nuclear power station plans were originally drawn up by the Blair government and then taken further by Cameron and Osborne. Theresa May has now put a stop on it for further review hours before the go ahead was to be signed.. The agreement with China and France is obscene and will mortgage the country for the next generation and the EDF director who resigned recently had the most sense in my view.

  2. Hi Rachel. I didn't know the original plans were drawn up by the Blair government. I have read Tony Benn's Argument For Democracy. In the book he says that Europe can't even have conventional wars in Europe because of nuclear power stations. Imagine what would happen if terrorists got inside one of these installations. They could hold the world to ransom. I think the Trident mortgage is also obscene and if Scotland gains independence they will have to move the subs down south to the river Thames. We live in worrying times.

    Glad you like the Hawkwind song Rachel.

  3. It truly is a small place isnt it.

    They would move trident from Faslane to either Plymouth or Appledore which would revive the employment in either area. About 19,000 jobs moved from Scotland to England. May must be rubbing her hands with glee every time Nicola Sturgeon goes on about it, and about them leaving the UK. Also Falmouth could easily be made into a 'supermarina'. We live in strange times for sure.

  4. Hi Sol.

    It was good to meet people who shared a special day marching for peace and and to hoping to get rid of nuclear weapons.

    I can understand why Nicole Sturgeon and the Scottish people don't want Trident on their doorsteps, and I hope we never have a Chernobyl like disaster in the UK.

    Thanks for your comment Sol.

    1. We also have the French nuclear power stations just 22 miles across the Channel Dave.

    2. 58 I believe Rachel. Even Belgium's got 7 and the UK have 15. America leads the way with 99 nuclear power plants. Even more worrying. Thanks!

  5. Thank god we all feel that we can ( and could) change the world at 20
    I wish the world listened

  6. Hi John.

    Oh to have the optimism of youth instead of middle aged cynicism and realism. Thanks!

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