Monday 1 August 2016

A Fool In The Rain.

It was your typical wet bank holiday in Ireland today.  It's thrown it down all day.  Even the puddles seem to have puddles.  I decided to go on a ten mile road hike in the rain, like you do.  There was no way I was squelching about in the peat bogs on the hills over looking Bantry bay and Dunmanus bay.  

Many cars passed by and most of them waved.  I didn't speak to a soul and listened to County Sound 103 on my phone.  One earphone in my ear and the other ear listening out for cars.  It's about time they cut the hedges and verges.  I had to cross the road a few times because the hedges were obscuring my view round the bends.  

I wore my "rainy day" suit, my good old waterproofs and even sang along to the radio playing Thin Lizzy and me singing "whiskey in the jar."  Did I tell you I saw them in 1981 at Manchester Apollo on their Renegade tour?  One of their guitarists was Snowy White.  I saw him again in 2014 in Warsaw playing in Roger Water's band on his The Wall tour.  

I got home with two foot blisters and looking like a drowned rat.  I had Led Zeppelin's 'Fool In The Rain' playing in my mental juke box.  It's off the 'In Through The Out Door' Album.  I once saw Jimmy Paige play at Castle Donington 'Monsters Of Rock' Festival.  

Apparently the song is about a man going to meet a woman and he thinks she doesn't turn up.  But he was waiting on the wrong corner.  Sounds like lady luck.  What was your favourite Led Zep track?  Did you see them at Knebworth ?  I have been to Knebworth but not to see Led Zep.  I felt like I was walking on England's Woodstock.  

Enjoy the tune folks!


  1. The rain stayed away for us today Dave, just as well as it was the local agricultural show and no one likes traipsing around shows if it's wet.

  2. I think we live in a different country Anne. I am joking. It's been raining cats and dogs all day here in West Cork. I have traipsed around a few agricultural shows in the wet looking for the beer tent. Hope you enjoyed your day. Thanks!

  3. Rained here all day as well. The water barrels are over flowing.

    2 blisters? Sounds like a band or at the very least a girls night out on the town.

  4. Hi Sol.

    You're right they sound like a band or the Beverly Sisters could paraphase their song:

    "Blisters, blisters, there were never such devoted blisters.."

    May be not.


  5. Could do with a drop of rain here! You were very brave to go out in the rain, but when I used to take the dogs out for walks I would do that in all weathers, and I found that walking in the rain was quite delightful providing I had my almost floor length mack on to keep me dry!

  6. Hi Vera. I recently got myself some waterproofs and they make it possible for me to go out in the rain and you need them with the disappointing Irish summer's we get these days. I have been waiting to make hay but you never get a week of dry days.

  7. I saw Thin Lizzy at Newcastle Poly in an extremely small side room they used for people "less well known"! I also saw John Renbourne there and Burt Jansch. I never saw Led Zeppelin though. I don't mind walking in the rain, in fact I don't mind rain at all. Good post Dave.

    1. Thin Lizzy are one of my favourite bands along with Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Blue Oyster Cult, Jethro Tull and Kansas. To name a few of whom I have been lucky enough to see live. I've also seen 2 former Lizzy members: Gary Moore at Milton Keynes Bowl and I have seen Eric Bell twice in Bantry recently.

      I agree with you about walking in the rain. The waterproofs have given me a new lease of life in terms of the weather not stopping me from going for a long walk or hike. Thanks!


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