Thursday 1 September 2016

Thinking Of Amy.

I got back from my camping and hiking adventures yesterday.  It's been a bit like my own personal Dunkirk.  I lost the battle (Dingle Way) but I haven't lost the war.  Course I have the war wounds (foot blisters, hurt pride) and frustration that Sod's law won the day.  

My fifteen your old son told me to "man up" the other week when I came home with a couple of foot blisters.  I laughed and his words often came to mind during the walk.   Any way enough of my troubles and strife's and let me share with you an experience I had last Sunday.  

There was a concert at St James Church Dingle on Sunday night.  We were staying in Dingle and it was only ten Euros to see a "dub reggae" band called "Avator".  They were a very impressive 8 piece band with an amazing saxophone player.  They never sang a single song and their tunes seem to last about 14 minutes at a time.  

It was strange though.  I was missing my wife and children and was very tired after three days walking and camping.  All I could think of was poor Amy Wine-House playing this little 85 seater church.  It's been featured in the Amy film and many documentaries.  It felt like Amy was there in spirit.  Will post some more tales and photos of my Dingle Way adventure soon.

Here's Amy at Dingle.  What a treasure so greatly missed. 


  1. I'm eager to read of your battle of the blisters!

    One time I visited the house of Dylan Thomas in Laugharne, that's to say the so-called house-on-stilts which sits aloft just a short stagger and a lurch from the poets favourite boozer the Browns public house in the village above the estuary. And I can tell you that the spirit of Dylan was definitely present at the time of my visit and it manifested itself with appropriate poltergeist activity, for which I was accused of staging for the benefit of some American tourists. I give my word I was, so far as I know, not responsible for ripping the wooden pole holding the tapestry off the wall and banging it loudly three times with an invisible hand as it fell.

  2. Love your title for my next post Gwil: The Battle Of The Blisters.

    I am a great believer in picking up feelings and departed people in buildings. I believe in psychometry and believe objects can still hold people's presence.

    Thanks for sharing your Dylan Thomas experience with us all.

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