Thursday 8 September 2016

Where A Star Of The Silent Movies Use To Go On His Holidays In Ireland.

We also went to Waterville in county Kerry on Saturday afternoon.  Charlie Chaplin and his wife spent ten years of happy holidays there in the 1960's.   The locals paid for a statue and stone to remember his visits to their town.

 Apparently it was Walt Disney who recommended that they visited the town of Waterville.

Here's a wonderful video I found on You Tube of one of England's finest actors.


  1. I've also visited Waterville. It's a lovely spot. Walking across the golf links I was greeted by four men playing golf. One said I should look out for flying balls. Another said: Do you know who he is? referring to the golfer who had just spoken. I said: No. The four of them then made their way to the next hole without enlightening me. It was one of those strange moments in life. The highlight for me in Waterville was seeing the dolphins offshore. We were there for 3 days and we had glorious sunshine on every one of them.
    In fact it only rained on one day out of the 14 days we were in Ireland.

  2. Hi Gwil, Waterville is a pretty seaside resort. Did you ever find out who tha golfer was? I have walked past quite a few famous people here in Ireland and nobody took no notice of them. They are only human after all.

    It's back to the rainy season here in Ireland this week. Apparently we get 225 days of rain a year in the West of Ireland. Think that's the main reason I want to live in Portugal. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sol. It's a wonderful video of a wonderful man. His facial expressions don't need words to show his joy and sadness and laughter. A wonder example of a true rags to riches story and comic genius. Thanks!


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