Thursday 1 December 2016


Did you see the match at the Theatre Of Dreams (Old Trafford) last night?  The lads in red put on a great show and Henrikh (Mickey) Mkhitaryan is quickly taking on the role of the new king.  I haven't been so excited about a United player since Ronaldo, Cantona, George Best (he was called Best and was the best) Kanchelsis, Bryan Robson... Shall I go on?  

Apparently Sir Bobby Charlton nicknamed Old Trafford the "Theatre Of Dreams" because it was/is the place where you followed your dreams, glory and happiness.  Isn't football amazing?

Talking of dreams.  I had a dream the other night that my son won FIFTY Miillion on the Lotto.  I was over the moon and in my dream, I woke up and was going:

"Yes, yes.  All our money worries are over.  We are going to be rich."

Then my wife turned to me and said:

"I don't know what you are so happy about.  He wouldn't give us any of it.


I screamed and pulled the pillow over my head.

What would you do if you won the lottery?  I would start my own publishing press, invest in a football team and have lots of holidays in some very nice places.  What about you?


  1. I'd pay off all our debts for a start and a lot of other people's as well. I'd have a huge crew in this house fixing up everything which hadn't been done for years, fixing the leaky roof for a start, then do the same for daughter's house. Holidays definitely. Through Europe by limo staying at all the chateaus. I guess I'd have to give a lot of donations

    1. Hi LA. I love the idea of touring Euro by Limo and staying in chateaus. You sound very sensible like Rachel. Suppose when you have a place in the sun you don't need much. Thanks!

  2. Lock it away in secret for a while to think about it. I would definitely be a no publicity person. We have had one big lottery winner in this area who managed to get through 9 million may be in 10 years at the most, probably a lot less if I looked him up, and is now penniless. it needs careful consideration and dealing with. Sorry to sound rather boring but money can be a dangerous commodity.

    1. Very pragmatic Rachel. I would worry when I was down to my last Million. I think there would be lots of places to visit in Europe and the States and Canada. Watching some legendary rock bands a long the way. Thanks!

  3. I am with Rachel. I wouldnt tell anyone to begin with. I would buy a house by the sea with some land. And then look to invest. I would take a lot of advise. It would take quite a lot of time as I wouldnt want to invest in say tobacco or arms.

    In the mean time, if I was lucky enough to find an interest rate of 2% and didnt touch it for a year I would have a million a year to play with. That is £2,736 pounds a day. With this money I would help people. Kind of like those things where you lend the money to a person in another country to start a business and then they pay you back without interest. Mostly this is lent to women in foreign countries... But I would be more like a Dragons Den person and do it in this country. It would be done through a proxy. They would have to pitch to people I have chosen and then it would be decided.

    I would also pay to have my knee and leg fixed and help my family. And depending if I was very vain and could cope with it, I would have my cheek bone fixed from the car crash as it has made my face not symmetrical any more. Although I am not sure I could do that.

  4. You sound very sensible Sol. I think there are lots of things we could do to help other people if we had the financial clout. Homeless charities would be big on my Christmas present list. Especially the Salvation Army and the Franciscan soup kitchens. Wouldn't mind owning a massive farm and letting to poor people who want to live off the land in a nice environment. I think the two charities would be great at running it for me.

    I have noticed on your blog you sometimes talk about your terrible car crash Sol. Hope everything works out for you and you soon get your house next to the sea in Cornwall. Thanks for your comment. I always appreciate them.

  5. I'd help out a charity and buy Norwich City FC. I love them, but they break my heart. Seriously (although I rarely am.) I would support 'Shelter'. The homeless break my heart. I'd also give to the Cats' Protection League, simply because cats are the loves of my life. For myself I would buy a small cottage with a small area of woodland, and running water in the grounds.
    Nothing flashy, just room enough for me and my Beloved, and a tribe of cats,

  6. Hi Lesley. It would be great to own a football club. Norwich have always played attractive football and produced some great players. Yes Shelter do some mighty fine work helping the homeless. They break my heart too. It seems to be only at Christmas when we hear about them in adverts on the television. I hope you get your cottage in the countryside Lesley. Thanks!

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