Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Day Out To Kings John's Castle Limerick.

I said on my last post that we went to King John's Castle in Limerick one day last week.  Here are some pictures of the 800 years old castle.

I think the double yellow lines are a modern addition to the road?  I don't think any body would have booked knights in armour and damsels in distress.
Canons in the courtyard and a modern building housing the cafe, souvenir shop and an exhibition of architectural finds.

King John.  He's often been called a villian in Robin Hood and Richard The Lionheart tales.  But his greatest work is said to be the signing of the Magna Carta.

King John never actually visited his castle in Limerick.  

Setting up for a concert.
The remains of the Great Hall and you can see the magnificent river Shannon.
A model of Limerick.

It was a good trip and we learned that even then the world was always crazy like today and Normans, Irish, English and Vikings all played a part in the history of Limerick castle.  


  1. I like those 'did you know' signs. Interesting little tid-bits. Good old King John. Is he the one AA Milne wrote about? Wanted a big red rubber ball for xmas. Silly, but that just comes to mind..... and Magna Carta.
    Thanks Dave for a little bit of history

  2. I didn't know the AA Milne poem LA. I looked it up on Google. I like visiting old places and reading about their history. Thanks!

  3. wow why would you have a castle and not use it? Status? or political?

  4. Hi Sol. King John never visited the castle but it was used by his soldiers.

  5. I like old castles. Nice to be able to drive to Limerick to see it. I particularly like the view in the first and seventh pictures. Thanks for letting us see them. I will look up where it is, and Limerick

  6. Hi Rachel. Shannon airport is probably the best airport to explore Limerick and the West of Ireland. But you can travel on the ferries to Dublin or Rosslare from Wales if you want to go by car. Dingle in Kerry is probably my favourite place in Ireland but its all beautiful scenery.

  7. Your country has outhouses that are older than my country.


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