Sunday 25 March 2012

Mr Tick Tock.

This is another one of my fictional allotment characters for you to enjoy.  I am sure you know somebody like him?

Mr Tick Tock.  He is retired but hates all this free leisure time.  Tick tock can not adjust and change like the hands on his time pieces.  Did you change your clocks? Tick tock spend forty years of his life working in a factory watching the time. One day he retired and all his colleagues had a whip round and bought him a gold clock or rather wrist watch.  Every time he looks at his watch he can think of WORK!

Mr Tick Tock arises at  seven O'clock every morning.  He makes a Thermos flask and some cheese and tomato sandwiches.  He's been eating the same sandwiches every day for the last forty years.  He can't complain though it's him who makes them!

Mr Tick Tock cycles to his allotment and works on his allotment until it's 10 O'clock and then he looks at his watch and says:

"Is that the time?"

Next time (no pun intended) I will talk about that other allotment creature - Mr Shed Man.

Do you know any allotment characters?


  1. Never come accross Mr Tick-Tock on an allotment, most of them I know are only concerned about the time relating to licencing hours.

    I know a few blokes like this though, my dad was one of them, 22 years soldier then 25 years as a postman, he got up 6 mornings a week at 0400 one week and 0430 the next for 25 years, and this habit he couldn't get out of even after retirement, he went to bed very early as well.
    His evening task was always cleaninmg everybodys shoes till you could shave in them, a throw-back to regimental days, with his ex-army brushes, putter-on and shiner-up, which he took great pride in telling us how long he'd had them, and how much service they'd seen. Sitting in front of the fire, all the while puffing at Woodbines.

    No allotment, but a big back garden, not a blade of grass out of place.

  2. Your dad sounds a remarkable man Cumbrian.

    Somebody (an ex manager) once told me that he always looked at a persons shoes when he interviewed them to see how much pride they had.

    Mr Tick Tock is only supposed to be fictional, hmm..?. I am sure we have all met a few in our time. Can't believe I just said that pun.

    Did you see the comment on the other post that Carol made about your turbo cider Cumbrian? Can I make in just a brewing kit bin without a Demijohn?

    Thanks Cumbrian!!

  3. Dunno about that, never tried any else but a demi-john. Can't see why it wouldn't work though, the apple juice won't care what it's being fermented in? As long as you can air-lock it to keep the nasyies out.
    I generally make a gallon when apple juice (must be pure apple juice, not from concentrate) is on offer, I think it's about 65p normally for a litre in the likes of Asda, just the basic budget range, occasinonally on special offer.

  4. Thanks for that Cumbrian. I will give it a go and make my self some Cumbrian's Turbo Cider.



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