Wednesday 18 April 2012

Alan the Tennis Ball Snooker Cat.

Hi Folks,

Gosh we've had a lot of weather lately haven't we?  Last night we got one of those Atlantic gales that make you very very afraid.  You wouldn't put a milk bottle out in that weather, even the rats were wearing fur coats. Yes the old ones are the best!!

Talking of fur coats.  We employed a new worker in the farm the other week.  He's the white lad in the photograph.  We got him to live in the farmhouse and to eradicate a few stray field mice.  His real name his Sugar but I Christened him with his first name Alan.  Everybody on the smallholding calls it him now.

Anyway folks he's also clearly a cat of leisure.  I have attempted to explain that he's not got the right snooker equipment and he should really wear a waistcoat.   Alan doesn't care though.  Hope he's paying for the light?  

Alan dreaming at the Whiskas world tennis-ball snooker championship in Sheffield or would it be Catford?

I'm off to town this week to the post office to see if I can get him a CAT LICENCE.  Well they used to ask for them on Monty Python didn't they?


  1. I love these photos. One of my cats (Aggie) was chasing the arrow cursor on my computer screen last night. I stopped moving it around the screen before she did any proper damage.

  2. Thanks Ben. Alan (Sugar)is a real character and we haven't seen any signs of any mice for weeks. Aggie is a great name for a cat. We also have a dog called Shakira.

    A lady said to us the other week:

    "You always think of brilliant names for your pets."

  3. Have you seen that the Good Life Press Blog is back - I tried logging in today and - hey presto - I could.

  4. Yes Ben. I noticed it was back on Wednesday. Don't think I'll be writing any more posts for it though. Nobody else seems to want to write posts and I wrote over 150 and it was good at times.

    I am still writing books though and dreaming of making some money. It's been a terrible year with my mother dying and I could have done with some money to get away for a week or two.

  5. Think Alan would get on very well with Raggy cat. They both seem to be real cool characters.

  6. Watch out for that Alan Sugar, Dave - he might fire you, ha ha! Talking of weather: we've actually had some rain down in London and you'd laugh your socks off matey; people are running around with newspapers over their heads, like they're made of sugar (Alan) and might melt away into the gutter.

    1. Hi Carol, It threw it down in the night here in West Cork. I think you are getting it today. Can't believe that there are droughts in Southern England? Wouldn't you think they could lay a pipe along the hard shoulder of the motorways and send you some h20 from the north?

      Glad to see that people have found another use for newspapers other than reading them. I just skip the pages. Oh to go back to the days when you could eat your chips from the newspapers!!


  7. Yes Cumbrian. Perhaps we should write blogs on their behalf: Raggy Cat:The Cumbrian Mouser,Alan Sugar: a West Cork Snooker playing cat and part-time rodent exterminator?

    There's not many cats who have a farmhouse to themselves.



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