Wednesday 29 August 2012

A Cheap Shelter To Keep Our Smallholding Silage Dry (All About Eve:"In The Clouds")

That's 2 photographs of a new shelter we built this weekend to keep the Silage dry and the cattle quite like sticking their heads through the head-feeder and are quite oblivious to any incumbent weather.  The silage shelter is made from 2 metal gates, some box iron and a few corrugated iron sheets.  It cost me eighty Euros to make the shelter in total.  Since this picture was taken the top part above the head feeder is also closed in to stop the silage getting ruined.  We still lose some of it though, with the cattle pulling it and lying on it and once it gets oxygen, the silage seems to decompose very rapidly.  You just can't win can you?

There is still no chance of getting on the vegetable plot so things look very untidy at the moment and wweds are having a field day.  We are still managing to harvest some crops though and if the weather ever books up I will attack the plot with my trusty Azada.  

Talking of the weather or rather a song about it.  I thought I would mention one of my favourite rock bands of the 1980's:  All About Eve.  Think I saw them twice?  Once at Manchester Apollo and once at Glastonbury Festival in 1989.  Julianne Regan is one gorgeous lady. If you think Florence and the Machine is good, check out this lady.  Talk about gypsy Goth.  Here's a video of Julianne and the band  in action at the said Glastonbury Festival in 1989. Oh yeah, the song is: In The Clouds.  I knew there was a link somewhere to the weather.  


  1. Hi Dave,
    I really like the cattle shelter. Your industriousness sets an example to us all.

    About All About Eve, I got to see them live again at the Canterbury Fayre in the early 2000s.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Yeah we have got to try our best haven't we? Great ironic humour Pat.

    Think you probably saw them twice in Manchester? It was a great Friday afternoon in 1989 at Glastonbury, when we saw the Throwing Muses, All About Eve and the Pixies. Great photographs of Greece.

    I am really enjoying following your blog: Pat Papertown 2.

    Thanks Pat.


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