Saturday 25 August 2012

Meet Domino Our New Smallholding Mouse and Rat Control Officer.

This is our new cat or even kitten: Domino.  His Sunday name is Dominus.  Which means'Master' in Latin.  So Dominic is our new mouse master.  Regular readers (especially Cumbrian who named him Domino) will know that Alan the cat did a Jenny Agutter (went Walkabout) and he's never been seen for over a fornight.  If you're reading this Alan, please come back, we miss you very much.  There's milk in the fridge and we will give you a slap up feast and you can sleep all day on your favourite cushion like you used to do.


  1. Is Domino a creature of comfort like Alan, Dave?

    1. Hi Pat,

      Yes Domino is a cool cat and creature of comfort like Alan. Hopefully he will work hard like Alan did and keep the mice away?


  2. Looks like a right little charmer, I get the impression it's gonna be a first class vermin eradicator, all the wet weather should mean there'll be plenty for it to practice on around the buildings.

    Mrs says put butter on its paws, an old wives tale probably, but she's adamant it works in preventing them from straying.

    How old?

    Ale finished, so tonight the King Edward was accompanied by a glass of apple wine, bottled about 2 momnths ago, very nice it is, hope it's gonna improve with a bit of keeping.

    Stopped raining, everything's dripping.
    Raggy cat stretched out in front of fire, it's cool enough to have it on for a couple of hours.

  3. Hi Cumbrian,

    I think Domino is 3 months old. He's only about 6 or 7 inches long and his marking are rather strange with black ears and a black tail. He's settled in well drinking milk, eating sachets of cat food and using the litter tray.

    I have never heard of putting butter on a cats paws. It reminds me of a my late grandmother telling me the best way to catch a wild rabbit: sprinkle salt on its tail. Yes you're right. I pinched the salt cellar and ran down the meadow with the salt. The rabbits just ran away. They musn't like salt any more. There was no salt for our tea (Dinner/Supper)either!

    Purchased some Australian traditional (Coopers) draught ale yesterday and made another brew. Spent ten minutes or so looking on the Internet to see how much sugar to put in - didn't say on the label. So we gave it a 1kg of sugar. Then I threw a cup of sugar too make it stronger. Will this do the trick?

    Started drinking the Youngers and mixing it with some Theakstons. Pleased to announce it was fine and no ill effects.

    Nice here today. Probably lift some potatoes and try and tidy up our wilderness we call a vegetable plot. The ducks will be happy with a wheelbarrow of weeds.


  4. Sounds like a perfect little soul, using the litter tray already, and its markings are unusual, very distictive.

    Never brewed Coopers, but I'm sure it will come out OK. Some of the better kits have 2 tins, you don't need to add sugar to these; but 1kg is about right for most kits, a little extra won't do a lot of harm, might just take a dy or two longer for the yeast to do its work, should be a touch stronger.

    Pleased to hear the Youngers came out well, welcome to the home-brew club. I need to get a brew going, but we're off down the road for 2 weeks, so that's on hold. The apple wine went down well, and then a glass of port with some crackers and goats milk blue cheese, very nice.

    Lovely morning here as well, too wet to do much though.
    Raggy cat still out, it'll be back. There's a couple of self-feeders to fill and leave in the greenhouse, it seems to manage well enough when we go away, always waiting for us on our return.

  5. Hi Cumbrian,

    Yes Domino seems very content and he seems to have settled in really well. How do they get their markings? There must be a brilliant artist in their gene pool? Cattle are the same. You get all kinds of markings.

    The bitter seems to have worked again. Especially when we add a little bit of Theakstons real ale with it. I am trying to spread the gospel of real ale here and especially 'brewing you're own' in Ireland. The 'Black Stuff' is Ok but there's nothing to beat a good midlands (Burton on Trent)/ northern English bitter with a frothy head is there?

    Hope you have a great break and please write a report when you come back. I really enjoy reading about the different places of our fascinating world.

    We have bad weather moving in later today and its very unsettled for the rest of the week.

    I am sure Raggy cat will be OK using his self service self feeders.


  6. Hi Dave,
    Can you get us a picture of Fido and Waggles together on here?

  7. Hi Pat, There is a picture of Fido and Alan 'the cat' a few posts back. I really like your pictures on your blog: Pat Papertown 2. They are excellent.


  8. Hi Dave,
    I've seen the picture of Alan and Fido, but people also really want to see one of Fido and Waggles together

  9. I will see what I can do Pat. To those of you who don't know. Fido is my Jack Russell (they are named after a parson) terrier and her mother: Waggles, lives on a neighbouring farm.



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