Saturday, 27 October 2012

Uncle Mort (I Didn't Know You Cared.) Allotment Gardener.

Continuining (now and again) with my thoughts about television from many moons a go, whilst trying to stick with an allotment/smallholding theme.  Today I would like to talk about 'I Didn't Know You Cared'.  The late , great, Peter Tinniswood (born in Liverpool, grew up in Sale) penned this classic  1980 northern sit com.  Uncle Mort was played by the sadly, late Robin Bailey.

Uncle Mort was the head of a downbeat northern family who only seemed happy unless they where unhappy.  Uncle Mort used to rent a vegetable allotment and he even had his own 'Lancashire and Yorkshire' railway carriage for a shed complete with its own flagpole.  Probably the most memorable catchphrase came from Uncle Stavely, who used to carry his best friends ashes around with him in a cardboard box was:

"I heard that!  Pardon."

Peter Tinniswood is my humour writer hero.  He was also mad on cricket and penned:  Tales From A Long Room.  Is there anything more noble or English than the sound of a ball hitting willow?  I leave you with a You Tube video of Uncle Mort's Ideal Woman.  Absolute classic.


  1. Never saw that programme, but I know the type, often used to be found in bars holding forth about all manner of topics, had an opinion on absolutely everything.
    Quite a typecast North country gentleman in fact. He's got to a T, complete with pint of mild, flat cap, collarless shirt, fingerless wolly gloves and regimental lapel badge.

    Sadly those characters seem to be going the same way as the pubs. And the dodo.

  2. Hi Cumbrian, Thanks for that. Uncle Mort was a fantastic character painted by Peter Tinniswood.

    Uncle Mort believed in going to the pub or allotment shed to get away from the enemy - the missus. It was bleak and dark sardonic humour of the highest order. It was full of laughter, conflict and cat among the pigeons,whilst Linda Preston was the vamp and friend of the lads. I loved 'I Didn't Know You Cared'.


  3. There are so many great old British TV programmes - I did a series of posts about them - so much better than the current crop of reality shows. I don't remember Uncle Mort. Have a great week.

  4. Hi Carole. I agree with you that British television used to be great and the British sit-com was a national export. I find that like my music, I have got to go back in time.

    I thinks books and blogs are far better than most of the television today. The only thing about television is you can watch it with somebody else and hopefully converse about it?

    Have a great week and thanks for commenting on my blog.

  5. I remember the catchphrase, but not the programme, Dave. Guess that may be the same for many people.

    How was the Eric Bell concert?

  6. Yeah Unclc Stavely's catchphrase is legendary. You would like Peter Tinniswood's cricket humour books. Tales From A Long Room , is excellent.

    Awesome Pat- Awesome. The concert was brilliant. Must write the new post and I promise I will link it to Steve Vai.



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