Monday, 25 March 2013

Shakira The Smallholder Sheepdog Vegetable Grower?

"Football is better than weeding!"

That's a picture of our Shakira playing football on my vegetable plot.  The old carpet is mulching some weeds before I plant some leeks there.  We have just spent FORTY flipping Euros for 2 dog licenses this morn.  Apparently it pays for dog wardens and homes for stray animals.  Don't think you need a dog license in the UK any more, do you?  Think it used to be 37p or seven shillings and sixpence or something?  

I had to laugh when I Googled 'Irish dog licenses' today.  It said you can have a 'lifetime' license for 140 Euros.  Is that for the dog or me?

It reminds me of that brilliant Python 'fish license' sketch, way back when we could laugh and joke.  I wish there was an Open University degree in British comedy.  What's your favourite comedy show?


  1. I never knew you had to have a dog licence in Ireland.....
    Bring back the licence in the uk.....that's what I say...

  2. Hi John, Yes you also have to have a dog licence in northern Ireland. I agree with you that every dog owner should pay for a licence. It pays for dog wardens, neutering and spaying and dog homes.


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