Monday, 9 June 2014

Help A Smallholding Fund The Construction Of An Eco Classroom

Just a short post today.

Please will you Google Lackan Cottage Farm and have a look at their fundraising campaign to build an Eco classroom?  I have followed their blog for a few years and they an inspiration for anybody who wants to live a more ecological and sustainable life style.  Like myself they live on a smallholding and they grow their own vegetables and they even make their own electricity.  Like I said they are an inspiration.

They are trying to raise 3000 pounds to build an Eco classroom.    Up to now they are just over half way.  They are using the Crowd funder charity and you could join it to raise money for your project.  You have got to join Crowdfunder to make your pledge.

I wish I could have attached a link but being the neanderthal that I am.  This is not possible. What's a URL?

Are you looking forward to the world cup?  Who is going to win it?  I want Brazil, England, Portugal (Ronaldo) or Spain to win it.  I am also having premiership withdrawal symptoms at the moment.  Especially on Sunday afternoons.  At least there is the 20 - 20 cricket.  


  1. Dave,
    URL stands for Universal Resource Locator or more simply it is your web site/blog address for instance yours is
    Enjoy the sunshine,

  2. Hi Heron, Thanks for telling me what URL stands for.

    Showery today here in West Cork. The cattle are lying down chewing their cud. I heard this means that they are keeping their patch of grass dry when its going to rain. They are probably just chewing their cud. Another old country folklore saying is that when dogs eat grass its going to rain. There's also shiny rocks on the hillside and when you see a cap of clouds on Sugar Loaf mountain its going to rain? Apparently there are 200 Sugar Loaf mountains in the USA and 5 in Ireland.

    Did you get the deluge on Friday? I thought it was Monsoon season. So much for 'flaming' June.


    1. We had very heavy rain during the early hours of Friday morning, there were ponds at the roadsides on our way to Birr; the day was cool and windy.
      There is little in the way of sweetness on any of the two Sugar Loafs that I know :)

  3. Hi Heron. The weather is so changeable and you seem to get all the seasons in one day. I look at the Sugar Loaf mountain in Cork every day. I have heard that it's the biggest extinct volcano outside of North America.

  4. Off to look......
    I hate

  5. Hi John. I think blogs have the potential to help raise lots of money for charities. Especially one so popular like yours.


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