Saturday 5 July 2014

Latest Pictures Of The New Girls Settling In.

 The new calf's are looking healthy and have soon settled in on the smallholding.   The black lass on the right with the white socks is called 'Wellingtons'.
We put the cattle box in the field for a makeshift field shelter.  The calf's pick at their straw bed and me thinks they need to learn how to go to the bathroom in the field.  Instead of leaving me a saturated straw covered cattle box floor in the morning.
We leave the cow box gates and ramp open so they can come in if they want.
The milk and calf pencils, straw, grass, sunshine and hay seems to be bringing them on really well.  I will post more photographs of them in a few weeks.  


  1. Thanks, Cumbrian. They seem to be thriving out in the field. Getting tamer every day and running for their calf pencils and milk. Just wish they wouldn't pee on the straw in the trailer. Keeps me busy mucking out and bringing them straw to lie on and hay to eat. Lovely day today with an occasional shower. Thanks!

  2. Great to see that you are taking good care of a few of the National Herd :)

  3. Hi Heron. It's great to see new life on the smallholding. It's easy to become world weary when you watch (don't watch the news) the news and see all the terrible wars and famine. Ireland is such a beautiful and peaceful country and I would miss it terribly if I lived anywhere else. Thanks!


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