Tuesday 29 July 2014

Trip To Warsaw, Vienna And Bratislava And A couple of Concerts. Part One.

Hi everybody.  I got back late Sunday from a very hectic week in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia.   Will try to catch up with my other blogs that I follow and some I read but don't follow all the time.  I flew on my own on the 20th (Sunday) from Shannon to Warsaw Modlin and was met by an old friend  from childhood who now lives and works in Warsaw.

On the Monday we rode the underground and tram to Wola to visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum.  Sorry about the photographs displaying the 2008 date.  My digital camera is acting daft again.  Here's a few photographs from the museum.

Warsaw Uprising Museum tower.
Found this delightful picture of a cow taken during the Warsaw Uprising among the barricades.  She was kept in the war zone for her milk, cheese and no doubt because she is beautiful.

Poster of a Polish woman taking up arms.

There is even a statue in Warsaw for the child soldiers who took up arms against Germany.  I found the museum very emotive and very disturbing.  I read that between fifty and sixty thousand people were exterminated in the Wola district.  Hitler gave the order to take no prisoners and they didn't.  The museum showed displays of weapons,  grave constructions and a film of bombs destroying Warsaw.   There were also little light boxes that you looked down into and saw gruesome pictures of dead bodies.  I found it very disturbing but incredibly moving and much though had gone into the exhibitions.  My only suggestion would be to include English translations to the Polish writing on each display.  I noticed a few English and American tourists visiting the museum.

A photograph of the Warsaw Spire which is currently being constructed behind the Warsaw Uprising Museum.
 The Spire will be the second largest building in Warsaw when it's constructed this year.  One thing you notice about Warsaw is the many enormous office buildings.

A photograph from the Jewish cemetery.  A lot of the graves seem to be no longer tended by their loved one's.  So many who lost their lives them selves during the Second World War.  I found the experience very sad but incredibly peaceful.  

Warsaw is a very modern and vibrant European city with great parks, museums, public transport and leaves fine tributes to it's dead and to all those who fought to save their country from Fascism.  Yesterday I switched on the news to see conflicts in the Ukraine and Gaza.  When will we learn to live a life in peace and harmony with each other? It's a crazy world.  But a very beautiful one.  


  1. Hi, I love Poland and Warsaw and travelling in Poland. I just spotted on John's side bar that you have been. Great. Glad you enjoyed it. I think I might go again. Rachel.

  2. Hi Rachel. This was my second visit to Warsaw. I went there last year to see my Pink Floyd hero: Roger Waters. This year I saw Kansas and Suzanne Vega and visited Vienna and Bratislava. I often visit your blog Rachel. I like your writing style and especially your thoughts about football. Thanks!

    1. I have never been to Vienna, but sometime I will go, maybe on a rail trip around that part of Europe with Prague sometime. I have been to Bratislava too. Glad you had a good time. I feel kind of weird about Pink Floyd these days although I used to be a big fan. I cant really explain it but it goes back to Syd Barrett and how it was after he left. Thanks for liking my blog; I know you have visited a few times and you like football too. More football on the way soon!

  3. Hi Rachel. Vienna is very busy and bigger than Warsaw. My friend is a wizard with underground maps and he soon got us to so many of the sites worth visiting. Lots of great Hungarian/Baroque architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens. Food is very reasonable if you buy sandwiches from food caravans and sandwich shops at train/tube stations. Great Herman beers like Dunkel. Saw the Panda's at Vienna Zoo. Heard little kids showing their mums and dad's the Panda's:

    "Aw Mama. Papa?"

    Wonderfully heart moving.
    I never saw Pink Floyd in their glory. Did see Emerson Lake and Palmer though. I loved Wish You Were Here And Animals. Thanks Rachel.

  4. Thanks Cumbrian. The Customs people at Shannon airport greeted me with:

    "How are you alright?"

    It was very nice of them. It doesn't take a lot to be friendly and it makes your day. The brambles and weeds around the farm have been busy while I have been away.

  5. Glad you had a good trip, and have returned home safely.

  6. Hi Vera. I came back with lots of blisters on my feet and enjoyed the journey and different countries. It's nice to be home and back in the Irish countryside. Thanks!


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