Thursday 31 July 2014

Trip To Warsaw, Vienna, Bratislava (Kansas Concert And Rural Dwellings On the Outskirts Of Warsaw) Part 2.

Last Tuesday my old friend and me caught the tram and bus out to the outskirts of Warsaw to look at some of the rural Polish country dwellings.  On the way I was twice asked for directions by Polish people.  I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head and quickly passed them on to my friend.  He spoke to them in Polish and explained that I only spoke English and we all smiled.

I took this photograph of an old lady gathering pine cones.  I think these must have been for the fire.  I bet they give off a wonderful aroma when they are burning.


The building below had been re-constructed with modern materials in the traditional style instead of using wood.  I think a lot of these houses are 'holiday' homes and they had high fences and alarm systems.

On the Tuesday night we went to the Klub Progresja  (great venue) to see the American progressive rock band : Kansas.  I have wanted to see them for over thirty years and they didn't disappoint me.  In fact I had a rather surreal experience watching them.  Tears ran down my face.  Perhaps it was the seven percent Czech beer, the 30 degrees temperature outside or my subconscious.  But there I was watching one of my favourite bands with tears running down my cheeks.

My friend took these fantastic  pictures and this one captures the lead singer and amazing keyboard player Steve Walsh in all his glory.  Steve is leaving the band in August.  But like the true pro that he is.  He still fulfills his contract and puts one hundred and ten percent in every performance.  You will be truly missed Steve.  Not bad for a band that's celebrating it's fortieth anniversary.  I feel honoured and privileged to say I have seen Kansas.


  1. Ah to see a band you love under such circumstance.... Amazing!
    Funny you should mention the lady picking pine cones.....that's exactly what I've started doing on my walks with bramble, even bought myself one of those long reach grippers to save my knackered knee. And yes they smell lovely on the fire.. lucky for me the new abode has a real fire.

  2. Hi John. I missed reading your posts. Kansas were right up there with the best rock bands I have seen including ELP, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Jethro Tull and Marillion.....

    I must go for a walk and see if I can find some pine cones this weekend. I bet they would be great in the stove in our front room. I look forward to reading your blog, John.

  3. Not sure if Lester will let me put pine cones in our Rayburn, not at the moment anyway, because it is still stood in our hallway, but I could gather up a few and keep them safe for when the Rayburn does get installed in the kitchen. One must live in hope!

  4. You will love your Rayburn Vera. We have a Stanley Mourne number 7. We cook on it, get hot water and it heats 6 radiators. It's only burning logs and waste paper at the moment. I would like the pine cones for our log burning stove in my office/front room. Look forward to reading about all your happenings on your smallholding in France, Vera. Thanks!


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