Monday 27 July 2015

A Song About A Diamond Mountain From Killarney.

Some of you will probably be glad to know this is my last music post about Killarney Folk Fest from last Friday night.  Luka Bloom kicked off the festival in the main hall in the I.N.E.C.  Luka is the brother of internationally acclaimed singer Christy Moore.  Luka got people down to the front straight away and it wasn't long before me and the missus were being entertained by a hippy type lady doing dervish like dances.  She was brilliant.

Luka Bloom sung about his acoustic motorbike (cycling) and he sung a cracker of a song that's been playing in my mental jukebox all weekend.  It's called:  Diamond Mountain.  I believe it's about Connemara in Galway and people emigrating to Australia.   Check Luka Bloom out on You Tube.  Here's Diamond Mountain for you.  I love this song!


  1. Yes Anne. Luka Bloom is very talented and he's got a great voice. Thanks!


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